55 Factory Issue 2 Launch Party (@Rokit)

Last Thursday I gave Barry a huge kiss and wished him lucky, he had swapped shifts to look after our two boys so I could attend the 55 Factory Issue 2 launch party. I was so happy to be having a night out, and getting to be with grow ups its rare trust me, I practically skipped on to the bus. I met Gemma otherwise know as my parented in crime for the evening, and we headed to Rokit in Covent Garden it was already buzzing outside.

Chris (creative director of 55 Factory) & Pandemonia

Once we got inside, we headed to the bar and grabbed some much needed refreshment in it's best form of all, praise Rekorderlig Cider! Having a look around, I realised it's been forever since I had been in Rokit and there was heaps I wanted to buy so I had to resist. I did buy some earring that I will show you, the guy who served me said we had to name them (their little people earrings) he choose Gareth and I picked Yvonne ...Yeah. Me and Gemma decided to try on some hats, and test out my fish eye feature on my camera as it was great fun, which I think you would agree are 'truly wonderful' haha.

So anyway back to a bit about the magazine, 55 Factory have now got their 2nd issue out and their cover star is none other than the stunning Pandemonia! Giving the queen a run for her money in a little union jack dress, and wiping the image of the 90s Spice girl version clean Pandemonia looks every inch the icon she is. Sadly she was mobbed and I couldn't get a signed copy, but Chris the creative director did so I was well happy!

My outfit, borrow off Gemma's Blog :)
Top: Old
Dress: H&M
Necklace: eBay (you can also see me on Rokit's blog)

I also got to chat with some blog pals, such as Aishling who had on the most amazing sparkly top on, Hannah who's scarf I need to steal, Jo who's moving away (no Jo don't leave us) and Amiee who has thee cutest iPhone cover. Plus the great thing about events and launches is chatting with new peeps, I met three other gorgeous gals (and bloggers) Elodie, Lily and Sophie who had a stunning clutch bag that looked like a book! I also got to chat with Lois, who is the brains of Carrot Top PR, and one of my go to blogs Bunni Punch (how cute is Lois ring By Jaymie)

It was such a great evening, and there was so much inspiration around. The magazine its self is really cool it's almost pocket book size and has fashion, music features as well as an interview with it's cover star Pandemonia. It's like Vice's classier sister, and I can see it being a winner with anyone who knows whats really hot! I really want there front cover of this issue on my wall, as pop art is my middle name .. Well actual it's not but almost! So after a fab evening I headed home goodie bag in hand and even a week later I'm still happy from that night, so I just want to thank Carrot Top PR, 55 Factory and Rokit for such a great time. Also to Rekorderlig for getting me in party mode and I love, tea pigs and skin health spa for the goodies and making me look decent!

Go check out the issue now!

Amazing shoes
Denim dress
Lois's 'BUNNI' ring
Me, Ashling, Elodie and Gemma


  1. Loveee thiss :D partner in crime haha!

    Fish eyes came out amazing :) xxx

  2. I LOOOOVVEEEE ur blouse!! Soooooo fabulous! xoxo

  3. WOW! Looked like a fun night! Loving the dip dyed hair!
    J xx

  4. oh nice one. i've bought quite a few things in that covent garden store

  5. That looks like the kind of place I could spend ALLLLL my money!



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