Mostly A, B or C ...

I've done it, you have done it and I'm pretty sure the Queen has to (how do you think she met Phil), what am I on about the magazine quiz of course. You know the one that predicts if we were going to meet Mr right, if we should stay with Mr right, if our friends were real mates and oh yeah who can forget the classic 'Am I a secret bitch?' or 'Is he cheating'. Yeah, as utterly pointless as these are, there I said it they are pointless lets make no mistake. Some how there is a want almost a need to take them, just to clarify that you are the best friend anyone could want, that you are stylish and that you would never do anything bad to get a head in the business world, you have met Mr right, and you are never a bitch.

Maybe it's boredom, maybe we think that somehow possibly we could learn or gain anything remotely useful after the last wasted 30 minutes. Who knows, I know now that as I've gotten older I don't take them anymore ...Yes this could be because I filled in everyone from the age of 13! At the end of it what you learn is that A, B or indeed C are all elements of you because guess what sadly we don't what to know that we are capable of anything less than 'the right thing'. So step anyway from the magazine or flick to the back to star signs so you can moan that 'this is such utter rubbish' than secretly smile that 'this is so true'. Or know that it doesn't matter and your a good person, take my quiz are you mostly A) Fabulous B) Fabulous or C) Fabulous.

Jacket: Thrift Tee: Primark
Skirt: SheLikes
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: Accessorize

London smiled today as we finally had some sunshine 'hooray', I bet it will rain now I've said that for the rest of the week. Can not wait to ruin my hair more, and bleach it to get the dip dye colour I crave. You may think I'm joking but I'm fine with killing it to have the colour, anyway I hope you liked my quiz. I'm in a mood to spread some love as I had a really good day, I will show you why soon that sounds odd! Anyway so hope you had a great Monday and had some sunshine too, thank you for your comments on the D.I.Y projects glad you liked them. I love this skirt it cost me like £13.99! I have worn it non stop well worth it.


  1. Aw, I love that necklace!


  2. I agree! I was addicted to those quizzes as a pre-teen (and beyond!) I'm Amy btw, I'm starting my blog back up, pleased to meet you :) x

  3. I love the polka dots and dipped hem on the skirt. Fingers crossed the sunshine is here to stay!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. The only problem with this outfit is that your dip-dye gets lost and that mustn't ever happen!

  5. Love the outfit :) and your quiz, haha!
    Jealous that you have the Accessorize doll house neckace, I wanted that so bad but it was sold out :( It's so cute.
    The skirt is lovely.
    Looking forward to seeing your dip dyed hair, hope it goes ok...

  6. Where did you get the skirt we love it!!! Also love, love, love the dip dye! x

  7. Absolutely love your skirt, I've been looking for one of these skirts for ages. Love that outfit. :)



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