Hanging Hearts

So I have dyed my hair again these were taken just before, I'm getting a bit bored of this colour now so I'm thinking next time I bleach I'm changing my dip dye colour. Had another crazy week, I have been writing up a heap of stuff and I attend the 55 Factory magazine launch party. It was held in Rokit by the amazing Carrot Top PR, so I will be posting later this week about it got some great photos too share. 

Top: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Clothing At Tesco via charity shop
Necklace: c/o Nomads

A while back I entered Ceri's (from The Style Eye) Ethical fashion contest and come second, I won a voucher for Nomads which I was so shocked over as everyone who entered had really cool outfits. I decided to get my mum some things, she hates shopping and she needed some summer clothing. I got this necklace and a top too, Nomads is a ethical fashion brand and it's very relaxed style clothing. I love their scarves and jewellery as they are really cute, I think the clothing is perfect for if you have more of a classic style and great for yoga bunnies. It's great to see a fashion brand really giving back, also keeping up peoples traditional crafts for example the prints are block printed. As for my necklace it's so pretty and I love that someone has woven it by hand, plus it matches my hair! 

I had to take some photos of the flowers, I think they look like a row of hanging hearts I'm in a bit of a hippy mood at the moment and want to wear them in my hair. Come on summer!


  1. I love your style and how you can always look different but still YOU XO

  2. You look lovely, i like your necklace it really unusual.The flowers are really pretty. Gem x


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