F&F Clothing At Tesco A/W 2012 Part 1

Yep sorry another two part press day, but there really is so much and this is a winner so I have to show you, it was so good I spent the day there. I hopped off the train and saw two huge signs for F&F which was good I would have gotten lost otherwise, so I rushed inside  and went to met Clare. She was in a small room with the current collection where there was a mannequin for us to try out a look and style (you may have seen on my instagram). After playing dress up with the current season clothing, we moved down stairs to the A/W collection.
I didn't know where to start, as soon as my eye's scanned over the different rails I could see pieces screaming to me. There were lots of texture in wool knit jumpers, they were sparkle too and I could already see myself throwing them over a maxi dress with some military boots. 

Which brings me to Salute, yes before you moan not military again, this time round it's smarter and more evening -appropriate. With contrast collars, body-con dresses and structured jackets, I think it will be easier than ever to get that clean, sharp look without going into your overdraft. With coats from £35 which look hot off the catwalk, I can see people elbowing each other in their local Tesco come Autumn. There was one that I would gladly elbow anyone for (yep that would include you too, sorry) it was a sequin jacket it was part of the Belgravia collection, and for me summed it up, glossy, luxurious but laid back cool. You know the type of jacket a rock stars daughter would through on before heading to a gig. Not the warmest, but it will be mine!

Me and Clare were getting giddy over the accessorise, from chic flats that had a sweetheart feel to snakeskin wedges and studded bags I think everyone will be happy. Clare spotted the most amazing leopard print bag, that had a red lining and we had to remind our selves that this was F&F (you will want one trust me).

Also they had some gorgeous pieces in Neo Gothic, there were slouchy style tops that were like glamorous t-shirts that had such amazing prints, and were sheer in the back at the top. Plus crush velvet legging and layered lace tops, it seems to be all about mixing texture which you know I adore. 

How amazing is this jumper, it reminds me of Cher from Clueless it's £18! Bargain.

There's also Heritage, which isn't really me I can see a lot of you lot loving it. I did like one jumper that had a bunny on, and a squirrel print blouse that was really cute. I did have a look at the menswear and the kids collection, I'm really looking forward to buying my boys some pieces (like the monkey hat picture below) and I wish I had a little girl too as there were so many pretty little dresses.

Zara, Natasha little old me and Clare.

So after checking out the collections, we enjoyed the bar area which had burgers and cocktails in jam jars (best thing ever) and even my favourite brand of ginger beer. Clare got her nails pained with little water melons and than we caught up with Michelle and Liliane (from 'we are social') and her sister Zara -who's hair I want to steal. I also met Natasha who is so funny, and has such a gorgoues blog called Girl in The Lens. It was great to meet a new blogging friend and bump into people I had not seen in forever like Daniela from Couture and Crumpets who had taken a break from studying (don't blame her I would too). I got chatting to Niki from Metail (they are the ones who come up with Tesco virtual fitting room) who are helping Tesco with their first pop up shop! Yes sounds exciting it is, I will tell you more in part 2.

I also caught up with Becky from Life/style/flash and Kristabel from I want you to know, who went to the Nelly.com launch party the night before. We were talking about different pieces and I think everyone agreed it was a stunning collection. Than it was time to head home, so a quick instragram 'phone in the ladies' than on the train home. So thank you F&F, Tesco and the folks at We are social. Burger + ginger beer + great collection= One happy blogger. Yeah stay tuned for part 2. See anything you like?

the girls nails
and  Clare, Kristabel and Becky   


  1. this looks like such a lovely event, and the clothes look really nice. LV x

  2. The collection look amazing! My local tescos F&F is rubbish for women's clothing (the baby stuff is nice) so I think I'll need to browse online! Xo

  3. I actually cannot wait for this squirrel print shirt to be in stock! :)

  4. It was so lovely to bump into you! Shame it doesn't happen more often!

    Hopefully see you soon :)

    p.s. Eek I look hideous! LOL!

  5. Can't wait for their new collection to be in stores :) Love the sequin jacket and the shoes and accessories look gorgeous too!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. All of the clothes and accessories look great! Want to follow each other doll ? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour

  7. It was so lovely to meet you too lovely lady! And I love your description of the different trends, totally agree with you about Belgravia being very rock star's daughter! ;)

  8. Love those watermelon nails.



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