I Dream In Neon

Neon is not for everyone, it's like marmite you either love it or hate it as you can see I love it. When I was younger after my goth stage, I became a skater (my boyfriend at the time was one) and I use to wear neon vests with my huge stacker jeans, I think being a goth for so long my body was screaming to wear anything but black. I went from one extreme to the other, it's crazy how many different 'looks' I've had. Now I'm happy to wear what I love without having to fit into any style, it's just me. 

Jacket: Vintage via EBay
Top: (D.I.Y colour) H&M via charity shop
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: c/o Very.co.uk
Bag: H&M via charity shop
Hat: Miss Selfridge

So this top is part of the D.I.Y project I told you about, I think it come out really well I will share with you tomorrow the other items and how they come out. Like I have said a million times in other posts, I want to do more D.I.Y projects, but it's having the time (as trust me my head is overflowing with ideas).  Also if you saw this top before 'Yuk' (you will tomorrow), if you read my guide to charity shopping, I said about seeing an items potential this is what I meant. I saw this top and it was a ugly pale pink, so I knew that if I dyed it, it could look fab. Anyway stay tuned tomorrow and I shall post up a how to.


  1. this is such a cute and fun look!

  2. You can definitely pull off all the colour! I think because your hair's dark it just works so well and you're looking rather dashing.

    Ah looks. I remember wearing a t shirt with plastic beads sown all over with HUGE pink chords. Oh dear.


  3. Oh this outfit is just AMAZING! The DIY tee is perfect and this vintage jacket has a fantastic colour! You look yummy! X


  4. LOVE neon! LOVE this outfit! LOVE that bag! LOVE you!

    the end.


  5. LOVE your take on the neon trend, shows that it's so wearable. The clutch is such a great find.

  6. Great outfit! loving the pink top and ur hat!!Need a jacket like that also for a wedding on sat :)


    Diana x


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