Lust List: Primark Spring Summer Drop

 Spotted blouse £10 ,Yellow Chino's £11
Green shirt dress £17
Blouse £8, Shorts £9, Belt £2 and Shoes £20

So you may have already seen these, but I don't care I had to share them with you. To say I want EVERYTHING is a gross understatement! With Primark I see one or two things that I like the look of, but I have to say this year I adore it all. The only downside now, is Primark has gone up in price but not in quality, okay so yes it's still cheap but thats why people shop there because it's cheap. I will be making a trip there soon, but I need to list down things I need. I have a habit of just buying everything and anything in Primark, it's like I forget to be selective and just go mad. So tomorrow I will be making a hit list, as I need more jeans/skirts and less tops ...Saying that I know if there is a dress I love or top I will get it. See already failing.

Shift Dress £13
Dress £17, Belt £2

What do you think of the collection?  I'm sure most of the collection is already in store, every time I go into a shop I'm already seeing all the S/S stuff and it kills me! We had a whole day of snow the other day in London, and know it's just stupidly cold and grim fun times I know. Looking forward to ditching the jumpers and throwing on my sandals!

Floral dress £17
Blouse £10 , Belted trousers £12, Bag £6 and Heels £14
Wedges £25


  1. Too cute! I love the short floral dress with the turquoise and gold purse! xx

  2. I love the pink and white shirt, I never seem to find the nice stuff that I see online in store x

  3. The orange peter pan dress is gorgeous, I actually saw it on Saturday but didn't buy it. WHY OH WHY?

  4. Nice picks !! I need those wedges in my life x

  5. you would never think primark would you

  6. love all the colours!! I have to agree with Peachesandnothing's comment though- I never seem to find the good stuff!

  7. you could rock those wedges sooo hard!

  8. Ahh I love these! I know what you mean about going crazy and just throwing everything into your basket because it's so cheap and forgetting that it mounts up! :) xx


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