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I was so gutted when I couldn't make it to Schuh's press day, it clashed with another and I had planned on leaving one earlier to go.  Sadly being so far along in my pregnace, I forget that what usually takes me 10 minutes to walk turns into 45 minutes. Anyway The gorgoues Dom from Schuh kindly sent me the '30 years of self expression', it's this amazing book that not only has heaps on how Schuh has grown as a brand but also events over the last 30 years. I have not put this down, and as I am the big three zero soon I love that I have a whole history of events that have happened over my life time.

I adore this book from the design, to reading through trends and events that have effected and touched people in different ways. I think for me 1994 was a standout year, I'm a huge Nirvana fan and even as a teen Kurt Cobain's death had a great impact upon me. Not only in an emotional sense but also in how I dressed, I longed for a pair of Converse and Dr Martins as I was a cross between grunge and goth. I was lucky enough to end up with a pair of Dr martins (which I still have), and it was later in life that I joined the Converse crew. I think my love of Converse came from, having that image of Kurt in my head dressed in his tatty stripped jumper, ripped jeans and a pair of beat up Con's he was so against the grain. I always felt growing up that I never fit in, and back than Converse weren't cool it's amazing how a shoe (trainer) has gone from hugely unhip to being a must have.

I think it's great now that teens have so much choice at their feet, yes literally. Shoes really can say a lot, and they are a small detail that can make or break an outfit. I have a stupid collection of shoes, trainers and boots, I think if I had to choose between a really cool pair of shoes, or a cool hat, bag or something I'd just go for the shoes. I really adore this book, and will be hanging on to it it's crazy how far we have come in the footwear department. From day's when people got the most boring practical shoes because of what was going on in tough times, to now where you can buy any colour,style and choice from a million brands. 

I'd say for me over 30 years Converse are my winners, and I hope when my son Corben is a teen he wants a pair and I'll be able to buy them for him ....and maybe a pair or two for myself. 


  1. that was very kind of them, as you couldn't make it. i think i'd really like this book too. it looks like a good read

  2. Looks like a great read, fashion definitely is a manifestation of what's happening in a particular period of time, so it must be interesting to see how things have changed. Converse were definitely my favourite type of shoe when I was in the in-between sort of phase, neither grunge nor mainstream. It's amazing that they are the most liked brand on Facebook now!

  3. what a lovely thing to send you! that looks like such an interesting book....history of shoes? yes please!


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