Picture This #8 (Flowers)

Flowers by Igloo

Me and Barry (my bloke) went for a walk ages ago, and we had lunch facing Igloo which is this flower shop. I really adore their flowers, and I found myself ditching my lunch to go photograph them all. I'm not really a flowers person, by that I mean I prefer them outside than in the house I think it's because with my boy being so little they would be destroyed within minutes ...Possible eaten.

I thought I would save the photos for when it's cold outside, like it is now sometimes it's up lifting seeing all the colours. I do like Winter I know it's cold and people cough over each other on the bus, but it is a time when you can throw on a jumper and drink hot drinks and feel cosy. I do miss the flowers, everything is bare outside it looks very grim I hope we get same snow just to make it feel magic again. Yes I know, I know snow is not always great but it makes the London look about 100x better. I am a little worried, as I only have a few weeks to go before my baby born is born .....Really don't fancy trying to get to the hospital in snow, still at least while in labour it will make the view from the window a tad more interesting anyway I'm now rambling. Hope you enjoy the snaps x


  1. Oh those flowers are so gorgeous! I love the bright pinks. Hope you're doing well Law! xx


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