Long Tall Sally 2011

                          How stunning is this maxi dress, I love it pass me some platforms !

Now I'm not a tall gal, but I know a lot of you are. Us short ladies moan all the time saying ' I wish I was taller' but it's till you go shopping with a tall friend (I have a fair few) that you shut up moaning. Yes it is near impossible to find anything that fits, if your after a good suit forget it as the sleeves ride up and a lot of places tack on fabric at the bottom of trousers etc..

Well ladies fear not, because Long Tall Sally is your new best friend (with sizes from 8-24) they make clothing that fits, but also that looks amazing from the cut, to the print and style. Why should you have to wear flats to make a maxi dress look longer, with LTS the cut means you can relax because a maxi really is a maxi. I was invited to have a look at their new collection, I have to say I'm back to moaning I was taller. I really loved it, they have same great classic pieces that you can wear everyday and feel glam in, and how amazing is the maxi dress above. 

Price points could be better, the dresses are around £75-£100 (I think this means that not everyone could afford these, which if I were tall would be frustrating). Tops and skirts are around £40 GBP, which again is okay but for a lot of customers would make it very pricey. It would be nice to see maybe a mini collection/range within Long Tall Sally, that has cheaper basics that are under £10 GBP as £14 GBP for a vest is a lot. As basics are something everyone needs, and if your tall it must be annoying that most shops just don't have the length. The collection is gorgeous, but like I say it would be nice for everyone to be able to be a Long Tall Sally customer.

This jacket is perfect to go from season to season, a good biker jacket is always a good staple.

Images: Mine


  1. a revelation. still hate the name but some nice bits. good find...x

  2. some of these pieces are lovely, they would never fit me though, being a short lady :P

  3. i'm not tall so i have never paid that much attention to their clothes, but it all looks lovely - i particularly like the bird print shirt there! :)

  4. See, and there I was thinking that Long Tall Sally was full of mumsy stuff! I agree that they should try and have a cheaper range somehow....but then if people are willing to pay the prices, then they'll stay that way! But umm, yeah, gorgeous, gorgeous stuffs!!


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