Happy Monday

(the chipmunk look on Mac, I was bored)

Happy Monday ... Well more like bloody long Monday that's for sure, I made a quick video as I'm trying to keep my You Tube current and it's always fun to show things I have and loving and rambling to you all. I got some great news today, Barry (my bloke) and I  are getting our kitten next week, yes we know all the risks with cats and pregnancy and kids. But it's not a rabid squirrel so I think we will be okay. Been hunting down lots of stuff lately, as you know I only have 3 months before my second baby (Logan is here), so trying to find a double buggy that won't cost a kidney and sort Corben out with a big boy bed. I will do a post on my finds and that, as I think it can be such a mission and even with  'mummy blogs' none have really show me real buys. I mean if a company wants to send me a £400 buggy to review, than it will be hard haha but I could make time *she says praying to the buggy gods.

Anyway the weather is still unreal here, so it's been nice to wear some summer bits but me being the planner I'm trying to sort as much A/W as I can. I think I'm going to start planning my dare I say it the 'c' word, Christmas bits I just want to be in labour worrying that I forget something. Everything I mention in the video, is linked in the description bar so go check it out. OH YES !!!! If you didn't know already the wonderful Monki store is now shipping to the U.K, I know, I know we are now all going to be broke but thank the fashion gods. I love Monki so it made my day.


Thank you for your comments, I really do love hearing from you x