Happy Birthday (a letter to Corben my son)

Dear Corben
So you finally turned two Happy Birthday (yeah sorry this letter is a little late), Dad and I are so proud of you already I hope you know that Mr and we love you to bits. I love that you are already blackmailing us for chocolate, by switching the television off when me or dad are watching a program, and that you always share and give us cuddles even if you do lick the crisps before giving us one. I hope you have had a good day and enjoyed the farm on Saturday, I hope that as you get older me, you, dad and your brother to be Logan do more fun things. I know your not happy yet about Logan ('bye bub') but I'm sure once he is here you will love him, your going to be the best big brother.

 Me and Dad are so happy that you have decided the potty is not evil, and enjoy telling us what to except. Bunny would say Happy birthday too but you have chewed his face off, so he had to sign it to me instead, dad gave him a bath in the washing machine yesterday so he smells nicer now ready for the next chew fest.
I'm glad you loved your presents, Dad and I loved the fish and chips you made in your kitchen, we would swallow them if we could but plastic is tricky to pick out of our teeth. Maybe you can draw us something on your new art centre thing, however we would like it on paper rather than the walls or the sofa as we don't know if your hallway creation of 'crayon on wall' is worth anything at the moment.

Both your nanny's and granddad's also wished you a happy birthday, and love that you already demand a tea when you see them and all love you very much. Also great granddad was happy that you rearranged his desk space, and is looking forward to more cuddles soon. We must send thank you cards to people for your lovely presents, but maybe let me write them as scribble with a side of drool is not everyones cup of tea.

Your growing up so quick, soon I'm sure your be going from your milk bottle to a JD and coke like your dad. I just wanted to write something for you, as you are thee most amazing person already, and you have only been here a short time. So yes your mum can be a sloppy puddle at times, but after having you I discovered my love for blogging and other things, that maybe I would have over looked before. It's cool being your mum even if you do destroy my every necklace, rip my latest Elle magazine and always stash one of my shoes away just to play 'let's watch mummy find it after a week'. You opened my eye's little dude to a very different world, and I've never been happier.

Love you heaps 
P.s if you ever want to thank your old mum I'm a size 6 in shoes, cheers.


  1. This is so sweet! Happy birthday Corben!

    Maria xxx

  2. That's so lovely! Happy birthday to Corben! x

  3. Oh Laura, I absolutely adore this letter you wrote to your so so cute son! It's funny, yet so true with what you're saying. Couldn't agree more!
    And your a fantastic mum! xx

  4. Oh, how adorable!! Two is such a fun age for little ones :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  5. aww laura, this is so sweet! happy bday to corben for last week! :) Xx

  6. Oh Laura,
    this bought happy tears to my eyes.

  7. This is such an amazing letter to your little boy. Happy Birthday Corben!

  8. This is so sweet, he's a lucky boy to have a Mummy that adores him so much!


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