Look Goodie Bag (from the show)

Just a quick post I final have uploaded a new video to You Tube, sorry I have not done one for a while I'm getting back into them. Plus I don't want them to be me rambling boring rubbish, so will try and jazzy them up a little. Anyway did want to show that I'm not ungrateful and that even if The Look show wasn't great this year, I did love all the goodies and wanted to share. I will do reviews if you want on product, if you don't want to see just tell me haha be like ' no tar Law'. Can't believe my lil man is two next Monday anyway off to the Fearne Cotton show today, so will try to post about it as soon as I can. 


  1. Great little video, looks like you got some lovely stuff. Sorry the actual day wasn't all that good for you.
    Your son is such a cutie!!

  2. The goody bag was defo a good compensation! lol coco butter is amazing, for me ( a non pregnant person) its the best after sun EVER, think its just one of those great multi purpose prodcts!


  3. I want to squish Corben, he is so freaking cute!

  4. Oh my God he is so cute!! :'D Wasn't the goodie bag great? I don't want to eat my chocolate either haha!

  5. great video. Your little boy is so well behaved! :)

  6. Love this. See this is what I'm saying you are such a nice blogger, to try show what little positive side their was to the show, I went it was awful. I had my drink taken off me and everything !
    At one point I was'nt even sure we would get the goody bag, I swear I would never travel down to London again for it!
    Love your boy xx


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