LFW: Fearne Cotton's S/S 2012 Collection

Corben run over to me with a letter in his hand 'post mummy' he said placing it on my bump, inside was a paper doll that actualy was an invitation to Fearne Cottons LFW show ....and breath. Yes the lovely folks at Very.com had asked me to come to the show, I couldn't wait and invited Claire to come with me as my blog buddy. As we arrived there were a heap of paps waiting outside *remember Laura just breath, I'm such a geek and get so easily excited. Inside we were given drinks, mine had a real flower on top, and tasted amazing and me and Claire chatted and had a look around the room to see if we could spot our bloggers. 

Claire from Rainbows & Fairy Dust

Whitney Eve port looking stunning (I need her hair secret)

Then before we knew it the show was going to begin, we met Jess and thanked her for the invite then we bumped into Lois while waiting who had just come from a fashion show. Everyone started to pour in to take their seats, I was sat in between Lois and Claire FROW which was amazing (first ever). Before the show began Claire and I spotted the gorgeous Whitney Eve Port who is even more stunning in real life and so tall I also have even more major hair envy (seriously it's perfect). 

I spoke to her quick and she kindly let me take her photo, than  we rushed back to our seat for the show to begin. I couldn't snap Fearne as she was at the other end, but she wore one of her dresses from the collection, this simple glamorous lilac dress with a flapper style hairdo, she looked a total knock out (have a look here as More magazine got a snap). 'Absolutely LOVED your show! The 60's aesthetic, frizzy hair and bright orange lips were so fun!' (tweeted to Miss Cotton herself). 

I loved the different textures going on in this collection with sheer layers over floating fabric, sharp tailoring and a gorgeous sequin dress that is is already on the site, which is going to be a winner for all those Christmas parties. A lot of the dresses you could easily wear as day wear, for an instant fix of chic and I think they are very classic pieces that won't go out of style. Take note of the makeup too, orange lipstick and green nail polish which I adored, oh and don't forget the circle sunnies.

The 40 piece collection encapsulates Fearne’s signature vintage style and for the sultry heat of summer the range is inspired by the sensual, stylized glamour of the1970s.  Less is more for this season and the look stays refreshingly airy with a minimal palette and floaty fabrics.

 “I wanted my Spring Summer 2012 collection to be more sophisticated. It’s about having pieces to build the perfect summer wardrobe... pieces you can just throw in a suitcase and know you’ll look put together and gorgeous in. Fashion to be seen and have an amazing time in”

There is a refined sportiness to the tailoring, voluminous maxi skirts in shantung silk and slouchy but elegant trousers. Spring Summer 2012 sees Fearne’s style mature into her own brand of ‘sophisticated youth’, clothes designed to see her fans dressed to hit the streets for a summer of fun.

Lois and Claire

Very team (love these ladies)

 Kristabel, Daniela, Sherin, Claire, Jess and Lucy
Me and Kristabel
Myleene Klass (or as she should be know wonder women love her)

After the show I then went all fan girl when I spotted Holly Willoughby who looked stunning in a red 50's style dress. I even had a quick chat with one of my favorite celebrity mum's (not to mention talented all round, there's nothing she can't do) Myleene Klass who looked amazing as always and is so down to earth I adore her even more 
now. I spotted some other bloggers, Kristabel, Lucy, Sherin and Daniela, we had a quick chat before everyone had to head off, everyone agreed that the show was fab. I had so much fun with Claire and Lois, and a huge thank you to the Very team, a night I'll never forget it. I may need to buy some of the collection for post baby, as I'm in love with the shiny maxi skirt with the bubble pockets (note to self, will need to wear heels to carry it off). All in all a magical night of fashion, well done Fearne another winning collection. 


  1. AWESOME pics babe! That little camera really is SUPER!!

    Good Times!! x

  2. This looks so good. Very jealous you got to meet Whitney! I love her! x

  3. This show looks absolutely incredible! I am a huge fan of Fearne, and the colours for her clothing line is amazing! I am in love with the purple dress.. actually I'm in love with it all!
    Tres jealous you got to attend this.. and hello how HOT does Myleene look! x

  4. This sound and looks amazing, I would of loved to have gone to this. I love Very and Fearne. Xxx

  5. wow. Major Jealous, I love Fearne, she is like my dream BBF! love her collection too, sounds like you had lots of fun xx

  6. I've never been a fan of Fearne Cotton but I have to admit I love her makeup and nail polishes, and from this her clothing looks fab too!

  7. PS Can't believe you got to meet Whitney! I've had a girl crush on her for years.

  8. What an amazing experience. Much better seats than the last event you went to :)
    You look awesome!
    The clothes are gorgeous and Whitney Port is so tall...haha

  9. Cool show!


  10. Wow lucky you! Looks amazing, and Whitney's hair is beautiful isn't it!!


  11. I really like Very and some of their collections at the moment, what a great show - looks like it was very well organised as well :)

  12. I love a lot of pieces in this collection, also Adore Myleene's dress!

  13. Sounds (and looks) like you had fun! I love all the clothes!!
    Hope your weekend is great :)


  14. wow, looks like an awesome collection! Myleen klass always looks so nice it's so unfair! Really like your outfit x


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