Comic Con 2011 (R2D2 Builders club, Harry Potter inspired candles)

(Painting that we spotted in the pub, amazing!)

Hello yes I have returned, and I have really missed blogging I think it's been like a week or something stupid like that, for those of you that don't know I'm pregnant and being sick 24/7 oh so glamours I know. Anyway Barry's (my bloke) friend the wonderful Andre got us tickets for Comic Con on Sunday, we also met Lucinda and James there (also great mates) and I got to have a great day, lucky I wasn't sick and even felt normal. So Why was it so great ..........

It's the Batman car for goodness sake! I adore Batman and I use to adore watching Adam West jump into this so I did have an utter geek fit when I saw this. There were a heap of celeb's doing photos and signings (you have to pay BTW), we were laughing at how bored Lisa Marie looked ( Sleepy Hollow, Mars attacks..err Tim Burtons ex) lucky Christopher Lambert (Highlander) and Corey Feldman (Goonies, Lost Boys) the others made up for the bored looking ones haha ...

 Lisa Marie

 Walter Koenig

 Me and Lucinda found this fab makeup stand, Shake Up Make Up who you can find on twitter @shakeup_makeup. They have some great lashes for sale and were doing lots of really cool makeup looks, I loved their own makeup so took a quick snap as the blokes were moaning at us to hurry up.

 HARRY POTTER (inspired) CANDLES! Yes I know some of you are mega fans of mr potter, so when I saw Daniel's stand I had to have a chat and found out more about them. Daniel is the owner of Candle Delight, and he makes these amazing candles by hand, he also makes light sabre candles (on special request) he deliverers to the U.K/ USA (and will ship worldwide on request to discuss shipping).

'Unique hand made white beeswax spine shaped candle with a self trimming cotton wick.

It is a fan made item and I am not affiliated with anything Harry Potter, but it was the source of inspiration. '

He actual made these ten candles before coming to Comic Con, I really love them they actual remind me of Alien. He makes them in white wax but he said he can colour them on a special request, I think for £29.60 they are worth it. Even just to have as a feature piece in a room, I think they were one of the coolest things we found and I love that they are hand made and daniel crafted the mould for them by hand himself so they really are unique.

Me & Lucinda in our non comic get up (maybe next time)
my outfit
Top: Charity shop
Kimono: Monsoon
Skirt & Shoes : H&M
Tights Tabio

This was thee best thing at Comic Con it took two years to build by three guys (on weekends and in their spare time), yes it's a full size working R2D2 (made by the UK R2D2 Builders Club facebook group). I am working on my comic con video and I videoed this little guy live in action, it put a smile on everyones face, and they have other projects. The plans for R2D2 are insane and I still can't believe they made this and it works, he even makes the little nosies yes I want one of my own. They have other projects and are such a nice bunch of blokes (this really made my day, I loved him as a kid).

Me & Barry

So I had a great day meeting people and being around people that were just enjoying it, I loved some of the amazing costumes people had (yep I almost got shoot, don't blame him). Andre was happy to get his photo with Clive barker and Christopher Lloyd the queue was insane !!!! Like out the door almost and these were paid for pictures, still these people are true legends and I can see why you would I think if it were Hugh Jackman I would pay for at least 20 photos haha (I'm all about the X Men). So like I said I'm putting together a little You Tube video (with some of these photos as well as video) so stay tuned.

Hope you are all well and don't forget to enter my Witch skincare giveaway.


  1. Comic con looked like a right laugh! Some of my friends went and had such a good time. Could you possibly go back to that pub and steal that picture for me, I really want it! xx

  2. Sounds like such a fun day missus :) and glad you felt well for it too. Looking lush as always, your eye makeup is amazing! xx

  3. Love this blog post, made me smile :) looks like a great day! Hope you stop feeling sick soon xxx

  4. this sounds like so much fun, i've always wanted to go to a comic con! would probably die if i got the chance to meet christopher lloyd haha. you look beauts! xx

  5. FUN!
    Those candles are amazing and if Hugh Jackman were there, you'd better pay for 20 pictures! (He's so hot!)


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