A&E And A Cup Of Tea

It has been a mad few days, my poor bub (Corben my son) had to go to A&E Friday as he could hardly breath. They were wonderful and give him an inhaler to help, it turns out he has a virus and it was putting extra strain on his little lungs but he is back to himself destroying everything in sight and being cheeky. Barry (my bloke) received some truly awful life changing news (which I don't want to go into, so it wasn't the best of days. 

So sorry for the lack of posts, I know it must be boring to keep checking back and seeing the same thing but things will get back to normal (well as they can be). My GIVEAWAY ends Wednesday so go enter and Friday I will be at Hyper Japan, which I can not wait for thanks to the lovely peeps at Tabio (go check out their comp too). I have some reviews I still need to post, and lots to share and I've missed your blogs too it just seems like one thing after another at the moment (plus morning sickness). Anyway tea seems to be getting me through, even Corben asked for it Friday so it's always a winner. I told him it was a one off and not to except a tea everyday, I mean what next a coffee and a cig ...I think not Corbie.


  1. I really hope everything is ok!
    Something simmilar happened to a friends son, brething difficulties with a virus! But OHHHH HES SO CUTE!! Hello Corben :)
    Hope Barry is ok too :/

  2. oh laura! i'm so sorry to hear you're having such a rough time, with bump keeping you preoccupied too! i hope everything gets better soon, and lots of love and luck to corben & barry too! don't worry about sending out my giveaway prize until you have the time!

    lots of love,

  3. Sorry to hear you've been having a bit of a crap time. Hope everyone is okay! *big hugs* Aww, Corben is such a handsome little man! xoxox

  4. Oh dear, tribulations are never easy to handle, I'm glad hes back to his normal self, and I hope you're all okay. Well, as okay as you can be! Lots of hugs from me! Hes adorable btw :) xxx

  5. oh no, i was just thinking yday that i hadn't heard you tweet in a little while - hope all of you are ok as can be!

  6. oh gosh i hope corben & barry are ok. make sure you're looking after yourself too missus! xx


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