Pregnancy Diary: The First Scan

No, it's not a smudge it's my baby

Hello I know, it's been forever I've been so sick it feels like I have been on some booze cruise  (morning sickness is horrid and happens any time) for about a month. Than Corben (my son) has been ill too, so every time I have  wanted to blog I have been looking after him or sleeping so life has been really dull without you all. So I had my first scan the other day, and it turns out I was only 10 weeks gone (so back for another scan at 12 wks) but I have bub's first mug shoot. Bub has legs and hands now, there were better snaps she could have give me this wasn't the best. For anyone going for your first scan when waiting make sure you bladder is nice and full, than they can get a really clear view.

My bump is coming along nicely (I will get Barry to snap it soon), they said that the baby will may be due in January I hope so because than mine and bubs birthday will be together  as Corben and Barry are both Libra.  Anyway was left really bruised from the blood tests, you may have seen on twitter not fun and I have to have them redone as you have to be at 12 wks! So not looking forward to that. 

So if you are pregnant and have any questions than feel free to ask (even if your not go for it), I'm no guru but I do know things you can get (freebies) and maybe help you in a non 'you should do this' way. In the next post I will show you things to use on your bump (to avoid stretch marks), which helped me escape them first time round on my tummy, plus other advice that could help you with relaxing.

Also I had to show you what Trish sent me, she's my friend who lives in Australia she knows how rough it has been for me lately and just look at what I got .

It's from Biscuiteers !!! I love this gift so much that I had to check out their website, it's amazing they have every thing. I think the biscuit cards are my fave such a great way of putting a smile on any one's face. I adore my 'Killer Heels' box the cup is so cute and I'm using the box to store nail polish in, the biscuits are too cute I have like one left I polished most of them already. So thanks again Trish really was such a lovely surprise, and have been drinking my tea out of the cup non stop.


  1. That is such a lovely idea to send you that present! So exciting to see the new baby too :D

    Maria xxx

  2. aww, congratulations on the baby!!! :D

    and those shoes are so cute! :)

    <3, Mimi

  3. i cant see it!

    hope you are feeling better soon hun! I hate bein sick! Although i have never experienced morning sickness I can imagine its just terrible!

    sending you lots of love and healthy vibes!!

    congrats again on the bump! Cant wait to see ur maternity wardrobe!!


  4. Anytime my love, thought you needed a pickmeup xxxx

    Can't wait to meet the new bub, jan will be here before we know it :-)

  5. Wow, congratulations!

    Sucks about the morning sickness though. Have you tried ginger? Its supposed to help with morning sickness (from what I've heard)

  6. aww the shoes are so cute, how lovely. hope you feel better soon, im so excited for you! i love babies.

  7. Aaw congrats! I hope it's a nice, smooth pregnancy (apart from the morning sickness ofcourse!) The biscuits do help make up for that a little though!
    Take it easy.

  8. LAW!! Guess what i saw this morning??
    3 magpies.. so it's obviously this bubba bump is going to be a girl!! :D eeeek! cant wait to see you soon!!

    ITS BEEN TOO LONG and i want to stroke the belly (although that does make me sound like a right ol' weirdo) xxxx

  9. Congratulations lovely!

    Eda ♥

  10. I love Biscuiteers! Have yet to try their yummy products but i'm forever on their website. x

  11. baby baby baby! I'm so excited for youuu!

  12. :O !!!!!!!!!! that sooo cool :3


  13. So excited for you! Those biscuits are rather nommy, we sell them/supply them at work :) xxx

  14. Awww hello baby! :) Hope you're feeling okay lovely. Look forward to reading more updates, and I bet this will be really useful for other mums to be! The biscuiteers look AMAZING! Need to check them out for my friends bday soon xx


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