Covent Garden : Window Displays

Images: Mine

I took these a while ago, but never got around to showing you I always love Summer window displays and these ones really got my attention. The weather was good too, so the photos came out really well I hope that when the sun does return these may give you a little inspiration. I always love understated style in a window display, it's great for going to your wardrobe and getting a similar look ....One thing I did spot were headscarves are a must, everyone had them so for a quick 2011 Summer update add a scarf into the mix or flower headband.

I hope you all have a good weekend and I'm praying for sun, it's so boring having lots of great Summer pieces and having to grab out warm jumpers! It's June, anyway I'm sure we will all get a chance to burn our little faces off soon. I had to snap a photo of this bridge by James Street, I just love that you find little treasures like this in the city they make it worth looking around beyond what's in front of you. How amazing are these KG shoes, I swear them and I run over to this window display. I saw it before but I had the better camera this time so could really capture just how amazing they are, I love the brown pair in the middle they have the most interesting heel.

So I know this is a tad random, but you know I love to share with you what's going on in London, I love seeing window displays on blogs across the country and in other parts of the world. Me and Barry are going to try and get some cool photos tomorrow, oh and I have to show you my new nail art, they are a little messy but uber cute. Have a fab weekend.


  1. ah lots of memories of staying around russell sq. i haven't been in some time now

  2. i love window shopping :3 the striped dress made me so happy XD I made a VERY simliar dress a few year back for a good friend ^^

    i like the head scarves trend too :)

  3. those window displays are awesome! i really like that yellow dress! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. All such good pictures, I like how the dresses aren't ridiculously short.
    Annnd it's meant to be a scorcher tomorrow *fingers crossed*


  5. so cool! i love the crazy stairs =]


  6. ooh these photos made me want to go back to London! such great outfit, too! window-shopping is the best

  7. Love this post :)
    Great photos of the window displays, I love looking at them.
    Hope you are doing well my sweet x

  8. those shoes look amazing!! I want to hang my shoes up like that, expect I wish those shoes were my shoes :)

    Ellie Rose xxx

  9. Hi! it's been a long time since I didn't come to visit you but exams are taking all my time! :) and what I've found, you're pregnant! congrats!! :D

    Two times i've been in London and never had time to visit Covent Garden or go for a relaxed walk or shopping, I must go before december. I just fall in love with that yellow-white dress

    Hope you're doing well

  10. I love the shoe window displays, thanks for sharing! x


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