Beyonce Is A Total Bettie

I don't think I have ever spoke about my love for this women, 
But I LOVE Beyonce. Not only is she strong but I think she's classy too, and has one of thee best voices in the business so to say I was over joyed when she got the pyramid stage (First women ever may I add!) at Glastonbury was an understatement. I'm a rocker and I can say with my hand on my heart she gave one of the best performances, half the acts at Glastonbury (so called rock, grunge scene festival) are beyond poor half the bands can barely hold a note live! Am I the only one who thinks this, long gone are the days of Queen and Bowie so having her was a breath of fresh air. The crowd cried at the end for heavens sake, everyone on twitter was crying to Halo me included. 

So too all the haters, shut up! She earned her place there, she has just as much right as anyone else. I'm only gutted that I wasn't there, but will be getting tickets for her next live show. I love metal and rock and prog rock, but Beyonce is one of the rare people in 'pop' who is actual making real music something that gets people singing their heart's out (go to any club and see the whole room sing 'Single Ladies' ). I would say she has more Soul in her music as pop is so whatever nowadays, people seem to producing any old crap.

So I end my love rant, I just think she's great and when I saw the 'Why Don't you Love Me' video with her dressed as Betti Page I almost passed out as she has been my idol since I was 12!!! Plus she looked stunning in it, so here I have to post it as it's one of my faves.

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  1. Yay, I'm an old metal-head and have had 'Single Ladies' in my head since Sunday.

    Beyonce is \m/

  2. I agree she was fickin awesome at glasto and her performance of 'sex on fire' was amazing!! She is the real deal and will be known as one of the greatest performers of our time. And yes, she is truly classy through and through.

  3. I love Beyonce too! I was lucky enough to win tickets to see her live TWICE in 2009! It was amazing! The first time was with MTV and I was in the 5th row and Kanye & Jay-Z sang on stage with her and Gwyneth was in the crowd and the second time was with Trident gum and I was sat right next to the little middle stage and therefore right at the front when she performed on that one so I was about a metre away from her! She is incredibly beautiful! Her skin really is that perfect in real life! I doubt much airbrushing goes on for her! (Also, slightly stalkerish and weird of me but a strand of her hair landed on me when she was playing and I've kept it in a plastic bag)....Yes, I'm a bit odd.....
    I haven't actually gotten around to watching her Glasto performance yet but will definitely make sure I do soon!

  4. I agree she has a beautiful, beautiful voice and her songs are catchy. I also love that she is beautiful/challenges conventional definitions of beauty :) she is a total Betty! (Loved the clueless reference! Funny enough I posted a clueless refernce today as weel!!!)

  5. Her performance was amazing at Glastonbury

  6. Beyonce was amazing at Glastonbury. I was in the crowd and cried! I wouldn't call it a rock/grunge festival though. It has over 50 stages and the majority have no rock music at all!

  7. Completely agree she was amazing and I don't know how anyone could say otherwise x

  8. Beyonce is amazing, and so is your blog! :) I also enjoyed her Glasto show

  9. I SO need to see her Glastonbury set! She always looks and sounds amazing and she does seem nice so fair play to her, she has worked damn hard to get to where she is now!

    Maria xxx

  10. I love that video and song!:)


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