Style File: Vanessa Hudgens

So here is the second Style File request, I have to say that Vanessa Hudgens is stunning and I love her laid back style it makes her all the more gorgeous. I think Vanessa Hudgens has great dressed down street style, but can just as easily glam it up for the red carpet. 
She is a big fan of Wildfox, and they have their new collection in so check it out for instance Vanessa style. Think festival, long hot summer nights, relaxed drinks on the beach  and keep it simple with a statement pair of sandals, a floppy hat and wave hair.

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So I hope you all have a great Friday, I actual forgot that it was the royal wedding for like a minute before 200 adverts reminded me hahaha. That's the horrid truth that we were excited, but the media has sucked the life out of it I still wish them the best but I won't be watching. I will be posting some outfits soon, with other things I know it's been a little slow at the moment. Yesterday blogger was playing up so it's slowing down my posts, anyway hello to my lovely new readers I have a surprise coming soon so watch this space. I'm still taking requests for Style File so let me know, the ones i have had I have really enjoyed. I have a special Style file coming soon but you will just have to wait and see.
Also dear sun, where have you gone you need to come back and make me lobster red ASAP please!


  1. Ooooh, another style file that I LOVEE!!!
    I love her hippie/indie/modern style & the fact that she can be very glamorous as well! Coolness!!! :))
    Very inspiring!

  2. love vanessa's style! she's so gorgeous!

  3. Love the river island stuff, that is the sort of hat I wanted but my one from new look came with a wire in, so nt floppy. Annoyed. xxx

  4. Aww thanks so much, this is awesome! I love the pieces you've found, they're amazing - I think this style file is perfect for summer too!

  5. she does have awesome style, shame she's so annoying!


  6. I never really looked at Vanessa's style before, I quite like it. Great choices!

  7. You picked some fabulous looks.
    I'm quite excited about the Royal wedding, it's the first in my lifetime and I wish them all the best luck in the world.

  8. Happy b-lated Easter to you too lol hope you and your family had a lovely one :) <3 xx

  9. She's gorgeous and these style files are great!!!


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