Bring Me Luck & Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Review #2


I really love this top, I really didn't want to wear any jewellery today as it was so hot and sometimes it can just irritant me. It's been a chilled out weekend as Baz hurt his leg on a bike ride Friday. I hope everyone is slapping on the sun factor, even when I smear it on I still burn! Still I think my body is happy to receive some Vitamin D, I'm hoping it will help my skin, hair and nails. 

I need to avoid online shopping (which is near impossible) as I am beyond broke and I have my best friends birthday soon so every penny counts. I got her present last month so at least that's sorted, see I am a total mum planning a head.  Next month should be easier, you know that month where you have to pay out heaps on bills and other junk that's April. I'm going to paint my nails in a bit, I have been so busy that I painted over my last colour and now they are chipped (not a glam look). I got a konad stamp a while back, but than didn't buy any plates! Yeah dumb I know, so next month I will be getting some after seeing other bloggers nail art using them.

I've been watching a heap of my old favourite films from when I was a teenager so will share them with you in another post I'm sure you too love them (or maybe hated them). I have to say the more I talk to people about films, the more I realise I have seen A LOT of films (a heap of horrors) so if you want any one's to watch just ask not that I'm the guru of them.

Top: H&M
Shorts: New Look
Shoes: EBay


Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Review #2


The truly tangy Tropical Peel Off ultimate revitalizing and cleansing masque with delicious fragrances of Red Grape, Noni Fruit and Sweet Mango to perk up your skin… and your mood! Up to 10 applications!

So you may have seen my review on some of their other face masks, this is what I have been using over the weekend. It's perfect for this weather as it smells like summer (a tropical fruit drink). It's sticky like honey when you apply it, but once you have left it for 15-20 mins it peels off easy than I just splashed my face with some cold water to close my pores. This is great for if you just need a quick mask, as unlike washing off the mask it's a lot quicker to remove. It made me feel like a kid again, when you use to peel glue off your fingers, it's great for a quick fix and once I had splashed my face with water it did feel softer. I think I prefer the Sensuous Spice one, as I love the feeling of a Deep cleanse but this is great for a quick fix in the morning and has helped my skin.

 Perfect for quick fix   7/10

So I hope you all had a great weekend, thank you for all your comments and I have my next request for the next Style File. I will still take request's so leave me a comment for what celeb/film style you want to see.


  1. I forgot how much I hate peel off masks until I put one on the other day, it made my skin awful. Eve lom and moisturiser is all I'm doing from now on. You look lovely xxx

  2. i like peel off face masks :3 but tbh i think self heating ones seems to be more effective with me XD and i love ur top :3

  3. Oh,when you'll buy some plates I wanna see a small review of konad nails as possible please! I was planning to get one.

    No wonder why it's your favorite top,is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful tank top. I want it so bad!
    Anyways I tried a clay mask yesterday and it was so stiff :3 but it did feel good after washing it off!

    Ever tried clay masks?

  5. You look lovely! The shoes are so nice and I love your vest :) x

  6. i love that shirt! i love graphics + stripes.

  7. such a cute tank top! looks lovely on you. I just did a face mask the other day, its so refreshing :)

  8. Your sandals are so pretty!
    I really like the shirt too xo

  9. Lovely summer outfit, that top is lovely! Oh,i like those peel off face masks, for my skin personally, they're great! xx

  10. So cute blog. ;)
    Great look ;)
    I follow you !
    Kisses ;* :

  11. Argh I love peely masks! Washing - what a chore! But peeling....

    Looks like a pretty good product and you are looking saweeeet too! :)

    Paddy @ LITTLE RAZZI

  12. The top is so nice! love it very much. I never used a facemaskt, maybe I have to try it one day.

    xx The Mad Twins

  13. Love the tank top! :)

    I don't have much luck with peel off masks...using a Soap & Glory one at the moment which seems to be working well for me!


  14. I used one of those facemasks the other day and was really impressed. If left my skin feeling amazingly soft. I had no idea they sold anything other than the little sachets though! I might have to try out this peel off mask, as someone who loves peeling off nail polish it really appeals. ;)

    Konad is great, it's what started me on nail art. So easy and quick!

    You look lovely too xx


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