Sports Girl A/W 2011

Unfortunately we don't have sports girl here, but I still wanted to share these with you as when I saw them on one of my best friends (Larissa she's a manager there) facebook I knew they would inspire you. Sports girl is like the Topshop of Australia, but it has it's own edgy and I can't help going to the site every now and than and wish we had one here. Larissa go's to all there catwalk shows (lucky gal), and so I asked her I could use the photo's here to show you ...Being the utter sweetheart she is, she said go for it I know they are already in A/W but you have to remember that there summer is now (it's all very odd I know). As it is freezing here I though that it may inspire us rather chilly girls, as A/W is tricky and I know I can feel flat and lack any sort of inspiration.

So I hope this helps you, maybe search for silmar pieces in your local clothing store, vintage and charity shops ....and you can always D.I.Y.

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sport blog









Images: Larissa Gum /Sports Girl clothing

So as you can see there are a lot of feathers and you can really see the 70s trend, but I like the fact it's in a modern way with panel leggings and funky tights. Wedge boots and hiking boots also feature, so if you already have these maybe this will inspire a new look to team them with, maybe just by adding a floppy hat and chunky knit you can reinvent things you already have. If you prefer pretty why not put flowers in your hair and wear a chunky knit dress that you may have, spring and summer are not far off but I hope this has inspire you for now. I know it inspired me and made me feel a bit happier about wearing a chunky knit.

So welcome new readers and thank you to everyone who left me comments, also a big thank you to Daria and Missis G who both give me blog awards I will get around to doing mine. Also thank you to my darling friend Larissa for letting me share these with you.
Miss you Larissa :( xxx


  1. there was a while there that i wasnt so into the old sportsgirl, but i went in there the other day and nearly had a coronary! omging at everything! can you order from the website or is it only aus? cos that's a shame if you cant.Scrapbook de la Emma

  2. Their clothes are lovely, I adore the aztec prints! x

  3. amazing collection, love all the tights and knee high socks :) x

  4. I love everything! I really wish there were plus size stores that carried trendy clothing like this. Where I live its all very old lady or super slutty. Its hard to find pieces that fit and look good.

  5. love the leopard prints in this collection <3

  6. oh wow this is amazing! I see what you mean, it does look a lot like Topshop but somehow with a more bohemian vibe? Very Oz! Love the native American/navajo influence. xx

  7. i am LOVING this collectiong <3 X 10. I would style the pieces a bit differently in my personal life but I'm loving the patterns and headbands.

    On the bright side at least you have topshop. and primark. and a whole lot of stores I'd give my let arm to shop at!

    ~ Em K

  8. Ok wow i officially love sports girl :) I loved it all!xx

  9. Oh this makes makes me want to fly over to Australia just to check out the store! It looks like a great brand.

  10. this is the strongest collection yet! we loved it too! you can check out the product on and they ship internationally!! also keep an eye out for Richard Nicoll!! His capsule collection for sg launches online on the 21st of march!

  11. this is the strongest collection yet! we loved it too! you can check out the product on and they ship internationally!! also keep an eye out for Richard Nicoll!! His capsule collection for sg launches online on the 21st of march!


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