Picture This 4#


H&M window display, Krisp Kreme heart doughnut Barry got me, H&M s/s 2011 (I want it all), Accessorize heart ring, Models Own kit.

So today I took Corben to a play centre with my friend and her too daughters, we had a really nice day and it was great to see them chasing each other (and they kissed bless em, not even two yet). It was a nice change from what I usual do and I felt like a real mum ...sounds weird but I did. It also means I'm not out spending money I don't have, on the new S/S 2011 collections that seem to be everywhere which is funny considering if you poked your tongue out for long off it would freeze ....It's so cold here in London.

Aww Barry got me this heart shaped doughnut, not because we loved Valentines it's just I love hearts (and skulls) so anything heart shaped is a winner. so I snapped up this heart ring that I got on sale, I think I may have told you about it on twitter it's from Accesssorize and is sooo cute. I finally got around to using my models own kit I actual love everything in it, I don't really use eyelash curlers so I'm not sure about them. I love the the eyeliner and the eyeshadow is really cute on too, and considering it was the price of two newspapers well worth it.

Speaking of Newspapers giving away things, I heard that The Sun (buzz) are doing a Barry M kit (12th feb) all you do is take the coupon from the buzz magazine and pick it up at Superdrug ....So Hopeful I get my mitts on one. Ends the 18th of February.

Anyway just a little post , sorry have a photo project coming soon. Me and Barry have decided to combine our work in the form of 'Uber Art' (this is our company name), he is letting me use his camera (I know faint on the floor) and I'm creatively directing and than he is processing and adding in the final touches (he has such a great eye for finishing effects). We have some photos finished, but you will have to wait a little longer. Hope you are all well and welcome to my new readers and thank you for your comments on being a superhero (they made me laugh).


  1. Oh man, now I am craving Krispy Kreme donughts!! We used to have them in Ontario but don't anymore.
    I also really love that ring! So cute.
    Glad you had a fun play date. Little kids kissing is too cute.
    I really wish we got coupons for free makeup in magazines. I am having a little love affair with Barry M.

  2. I really love how vibrant and colourful all these shots are!

  3. i can't wait to see the photos ^^ i can never be trusted with my dad cameras D:

    i like the heart themed/valentines themed photos :3 and awh that sounds so sweet about ur son :p I bet he'll be a heart breaker :p

  4. cant wait to have a sneak peek into uber art! :) I'm sure you are an amazing mum, and corben sounds like he's turning into a little heartbreaker already, aww <3 and hooray for free things with magazines/papers! cant beat it xx


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