D.I. Y Hair Cut & Barry M Surprise


Hi so a little bird told me at Barry M that we have not seen the last of the nail effects, they said the black was just a test run and that we should all get ready because they will be releasing it in other colours. Now I don't know about you but this had me almost screaming, I love the black nail effects but had hoped they would have other colours. It seems every other company starting ripping off the nail effects idea soon after Barry M released it. So I think this will have them back on top. Can not wait .......................................... 

Anyway hello my dears, hope you all have a great weekend it is beyond windy here, so the chance of a good one looks doubtful. So here is the new D.I.Y hair cut (I don't look completely mental) so I think I did okay, I just hacked at bits that looked like twiglets (with a mass of split ends). I also got invited to my first ever (blog related) event, so can not wait to share it with you later this week I was starting to feel like the kid who gets picked last in games haha .. nar I'm still a nerd.

I still don't know what to get Barry for val day, we don't really believe in it, but still like everyone else get sucked into the stupid lovesick, need red crap in the shape of roses and hearts day. I had a look at some things and they really are pointless, plus to be honest I don't want to buy him some novelty pants (Girls if we don't like them, they won't either).

So any GOOD suggests that don't include pants or socks for a present for the bloke?
(Barry if you read this, no your not getting a new MAC)



Top: Miss Selfridge
Skirt: The sting
Necklace: River Island

Outfit today was a boring one, just a skirt and batwing top combo I'm a little addicted to wearing this necklace. I really want to make my own bib necklace, as I want a bright one for summer so maybe a D.I.Y coming soon. Have a wicked Saturday x


  1. I really love the hair! It's well styled so well done :)
    Ive got no idea about gifts, all Aaron and I do is go out for dinner cos we dont see the point. Hope you can find something fab

  2. I would love to do that but we have Corben so don't get to really go out to dinner and that. Aww thank you Em xx

  3. Boring outfit? Ya crazy?! I LOVE! Oh and the hair? Amaze balls! I cut my own hair yesterday and I've been feeling freakish about it lol

    Btw, thanks for following me on twitter! I got to follow you back and check out you're blog<3

  4. Your eye make up is so cool! You look amazing. I love your necklace as well. It is gorgeous. :)

  5. DIY HAIRCUTS FTW. They're just the way to go. I love your look. It's just far too cute and I kind of want to go sailing with you. I don't know why. I don't even know how to sail. Your outfit just made me think that! Hmmm. I don't know. Oceans are beautiful, so that's a good thing!

    And your eyes are amazing. Just saying. Not being creepy...


  6. your outfit is sooo not boring! i love the simplicity of the top and skirt, and the pops of color of your necklace bib and nail polish. :D despite it being windy, i hope you have a great weekend!

    <3, Mimi

  7. love your outfit! not boring at all!

  8. i love ur skirt! and hmm does he need an upgrade on his MP3? you could buy one and put all his favourite songs on? I have no idea what Im going to get ryan D:

    and i havent seen another brand selling the crackling nail polish in the UK except Barry M D: But then again I don't check make up store that often :(

  9. It'll be interesting to see the nail effects polish in some different colours :)

  10. Your hair looks lovely, wouldn't be able to tell that you did it and not a salon! :D
    im struggling too with what to get my boyfriend cos we dont really believe in it either but i dont want to seem like the scrooge of valentines day either :/

  11. Hey,

    wooww i really like your hair ;)
    It's well done =D
    and I don't think your outfit is boring I really like it ;)

    Hmm I don't know which present you could buy but it should be something personal.. not these gifts everybody is going to buy ;)

    Wish you a nice weekend ;)

  12. Ohhh I didn't know about old Barry M expending the nail effects! Really hope there are some good shades...maybe metallics...that would be amazing.

    As for the new hair, I like it! Just cut afew inches off my own hair and thinned it out about. Always a scary moment when you start cutting upwards to thin the hair out, but I actually really like it.

    As for your other half....I don't know haha I'm buying my boyfriend a lamp for his workshop thing (he fixes laptops) and some Krispy Kremes haha
    But we are going for afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols...but that's more for me, than him I guess!

    Maybe perfume (cologne, whatever you call it).
    Paul Smith Story and London are both lovely.

    Fee xx

  13. how about a wallet or scarf? my top tip is marks and spencers, quality stuff. my mum bought me a leather wallet and i still have it 5 years later

  14. ermm...so excited about the barry m thing! i still haven't managed to get hold of the black nail effects yet! its sold out wherever i go! love the skirt you have on today. your hair is lovely xx

  15. Love that necklace, I would wear it with everything if I had it...

  16. Simple yet gorgeous outfit, hope your having a good weekend :) xx

  17. Gorgeous necklace m'dear, hope you have fun at the blogger event!

  18. I think you did a GREAT job of your hair! :) I am a bit rubbish when it comes to valentines ideas, I've made david picture albums, bought him cheesy gifts... but I wont share what im doing this year cause hes sitting next to me right now ;) I hope you manage to come up with something good though, I'm sure you will gal :) if in doubt, I normally search on google for ideas and tips when it comes to anything im puzzled or need inspiration about!

    and yayy for getting invited to your first blogger event :) cant wait to hear more about it xx

  19. I'm definitely looking forward to more nail effects from Barry M. God I love them, so cheap and cheerful- especially when you think OPI do the shatter polish for a crazy £10. Love the hair!!

  20. I really like your outfit, I love wearing black clothes: it could make your outfit simple, interesting, sexy, "dark"... it has a lot of posibilites, I think it's not a boring look :P

    I have no idea about gifts, but you can go to a market to find something curious.

    btw, I changed the face of my blog, it's totally different, hope u like it!



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  22. PS. You mentioned on my blog the other day that you know some great French horror films. Can you suggest any good ones to me? I'd love to watch some!! :) XOXO

  23. love the cut hun x


  24. fraid I can't help with vally day but I LOVE YOUR SKIRT! what/who/where is The Sting when it's at home??? xx

  25. The hair cut is awesome. You really did it yourselff?? wow..

    Love the necklace and the skirt((:

    Dreamy Princess

  26. Hello... great to be back to reading your amazing blog again... valentine gift... mmmmmm.... maybe tickets to see a gig or show?

    Love Ellie Rose


  27. valentines ideas...
    a tie or cufflinks
    a nice home cooked meal
    a piece of fashion jewelery such as Paul Smith
    a dvd collection or Playstation etc game

    hmmm not the most romantic. Looks like im screwed too !


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