Feeling all Alexa Chung

So I got this peter pan collared dress for Christmas and when I wore it today I felt instantly a step closer to Alexa Chung's effortless cool style,  still about 50 steps to go then .... So today was spend eating and trying to rock out at Guitar Hero, to say I suck at it is a bloody understatement but Barry seems to be a natural. I also made some videos for you tube about the harajuku lovers perfumes Barry got me, they are just too cute and he said he will get me the others too bless him. Awww if you go to the Harajuku Lovers web page you can style your own girl, what?! I was bored and though it was a good way to spend my time.

So I am very up and down at the moment it has been a tough year and one I just want over, I really miss my friends and can't wait to see all their faces in the new year. It's my friends birthday soon Kat if you read this I hope you have a good one in Italy, give your mum a huge hug for me and when you get back we can go for a shared Birthday thing. Mine's in Jan and as we are both the same star sign we have always got on, I'm not sure if I really believe in the whole star sign thing but I think me and Katia would be friends no matter ....We have a shared love of beauty Products. I also am missing Trish my Aussie friend who sent me thee most amazing necklace, which I still have to show you lot ....Me and Trish have a shared love of Mighty Boosh. So Katia and Trish I miss you :( 

Dress: Gift
Denim shorts: (worn underneath) Topshop
Necklace & Bracelet: Primark
Rings: Primark, market stall
Nail polish: Barry M red

Two from the Wicked style collection

I have had Love before it is really nice and is a great scent to wear for day or night, it has a really earthy tone to it I think and I always get asked what I'm wearing when I have it on so great for people who like something sweet with an earthy, warm base.
Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love is a fruity floral fragrance that is delicate and sweet. Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love combines grapes, nectarine , mango, pear, orange blossom, lotus, violet, osmanthus, blond wood, musk, sandalwood, praline and patchouli. Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love is inspired by the Rococo, with white sock, blouses, and petticoats!! 

This one I have not tried but I had a good sniff of today and I have to say for a vanilla scent I love it, usually I hate vanilla but the floral gives it a wonderful ice cream, garden like smell. It's a bright and happy smell and is ultra girly but smells very grow up without going into that awful old lady off perfume scent. One I think I will have to get again for summer, but will be nice to wear now to make me feel like I am sitting in the park in the sun with a starbuck's frappuccion and moaning about getting  sunburnt.
Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby is a sugary sweet, vanilla floral fragrance! Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby combines white peach, apple, freesia, frangipani, orchids, jasmine, amber, musk, vanilla and creamy sandalwood. For Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby Gwen Stefani layered clothing of soft pastel colors, plastic and fluffy toys jewellry for the ultimate in cute! 


Red lips: Rimmel Alarm
Eye liner: Collection 2000
Eye shadow: Clarins (I think)

So like I said was feeling the power of the Chung and a kinda of 60's vibe, so thick black eye liner and classic red lips and I was feeling the beehive today.

What was your favourite Christmas present as a kid?

I got some epic presents as a kid, the best was a post office that me and my cousin played with non stop. I took it everywhere and loved to pretend, although my mum said I use to be very tidy with it and hated when it got it a mess 'because I can't run my business' ....yeah WTF happened to that girl I don't know I am so messy, but saying that at work I am super tidy and hate when everything is untidy (my OCD of work place is crazy). Oh I also got the My Little Pony hair salon which had a real water feature in the middle it, it got played with so much that none of my pony's had hair or the eyes and that left on oops.
Anyway hope you are well my dears.


  1. That dress is a keeper! :) I did see the perfumes the lovey gave you as you posted it on FB. I've never tried their scents before.

    That lipstick is gorgeous! Happy Holidays! <3

  2. i love harajuku lovers! they have really cute packaging!

  3. You really rock red lipstick. It looks very gorgeous on you. :) I also love your cute rings and dress. :)

    I love the Baby scent from the Harajuku Lovers collection. We have testers of this at work and I couldn't help but spritz it on myself each time I pass by it. LOL.

    That post office present you had as a kid must've been a lot of fun to play with. I know I probably would've liked that too. My favorite Christmas presents were Barbies and art supplies. I was happy getting crayons, markers, and coloring books. Those kept me still. Hehehe...

    Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas. Take care. :)

  4. I really want the baby perfume. glad you had a good christmas...hopefully 2011 will only have ups (no downs) for you.

  5. What a gorgeous dress- goes well with the amazing red lips too! MWAHHHH
    omg- I had the post office too, was bloody amazing, about 4 years ago now, when I was still with my ex, his Mum bought us all, kids/toy presents & she bought me a Post office again- I actually nearly cried- thats how much of a loser I am, ha

  6. well now i know what these little dudes are, we have had some of these sitting on our bathroom window sill for months, they're my sisters but she moved out

  7. You look amazing! I love your dress so much!



  8. Aww you look lovely! :] I used to love watching Alexa Chung show. Too bad it was cancelled! She is so naturally pretty and her style like you said is effortless. :]

    I saw your youtube videos. You are soo funny! Your three things I love and hate vid. OMG I couldn't agree with your comment about the gun move that everyone is doing now it is so annoying!


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