Christmas Ball's

Hey Just a quick post to say hope you had a  'Merry Christmas' .....did you?
Anyway this is what I wore, as I have been well slow with outfit posts or any posts lately so here was my outfit. I got this Primark dress in summer but just never got around to wearing it, it's really cute and a little short (so shorts are a must), I was in an 'Alice' mood so wear a matching bow in my hair. My makeup was a tad mental today, because I have not wore any in like a few days I got carried away ...but I did get to use my new sleek lipstick which is so nice (review coming soon). Got some great presents (which I will show you) and Barry cooked any amazing roast, Corben had a fab day opening his stuff (and our stuff) and danced around ...he still is my best gift ever. So I hope you had a great day weather you celebrate or not ....

Plus just want to say THANK YOU !!!! for all your support you lot are fucking amazing and what started out as just a thing my friends could read has became a way of sharing fun things with you lovely lot. Thank you so much for all your support you really are the CHRISTMAS BALL'S (in a good way) xxxxxxx

Bow: H&M
Necklace: Clutterfly
Cardigan: Hand made by my gran for me when I was seven (still kinda fits)
Dress: Primark (summer dress)
Rings: Primark, Accessorize lost the gem bits :(

I love my clutterfly necklace I have had it forever, and I also have one of their rings that says 'cake' I think in the new year I'm going to get another necklace as I do wear this one a lot. I really need to sort out all my makeup and jewellery because lately I can't find anything and it's driving me mental I think 2011 it just has to be done to keep me sane I can clear out stuff I don't need or use and I know I will be buying more to fill it's place.

So that's all from me for now, oooww if you have not already check out my giveaway because you can win this amazing bag, which I think if I had I would stud it up and use all the time. I made little outfit ideas as I think it could go with heaps of different styles ...anyway hope you had a great one.

My Skin is really dry and rubbish as I am still really ill, I hope once I'm better it will glow more and be a little smoother too fingers crossed.
Eye shadow: Sleek Circus Palette
Lipstick: Sleek here
Eye liner:  pen liner Collection 2000 So good !!!


  1. woow

    my favourite colors... love your outfit <33

    is perfect!!!

  2. u look adorable! that is such a cute outfit!

  3. i love your look! absolutely gorgeous dress :)

  4. Lovely outfit and your makeup is gorgeous too.
    Glad you enjoyed your Christmas, I had a lovely relaxing day too.

  5. I love your dress!! I love to wear black with red.

    I hope you had a merry Christmas... I am still celebrating here till 6th january :)


  6. Gorgeous outfit, gorgeous makeup, gorgeous girl!
    Hope you and your family had an amazing Christmas and you spoiled your little one.

  7. Great colors! I love your rings!


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