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I'm sure you have seen her work, as she has worked for Amelia Magazine (I know you read it) and if not than you may have already seen her work in CiliChili Magazine for Vodafone / &&&. This is the wonderful world of Running For Crayons and the women behind it.

So I was lucky enough to get an interview with the lovely Tilly, so you can really get to know the women behind these amazing illustration's, she wear's black and white, but likes to infuse her love of drawing even in to her clothing 'I feel most comfortable in black and white, I love obsessive detailed line and white space but the most important element for me is to add personality'. So watch out for her, she could be watching you and drawing you right now (if you happen to be in Brighton).

Holidays from Hell - CiliChili Magazine - Vodafone Work by: Running For Crayons 
When did you first start drawing and what did you draw?

When I was teeny, probably about six or seven, it was what I always wanted to do. I used to create imaginary worlds, I suppose my version of an imaginary friend and I've always had a thing for drawing objects and the type on food packaging. 

Who inspired you growing up?

All my art teachers, they were all brilliant and diverse, I lived in the art block. Artist wise I loved Quentin blake, how he injects so much personality into his characters, that they almost felt like real friends. On a slightly different angle I also studied psychology and was intrigued by the world Yayoi Kusama creates with her obsessive mark making. 

Part of a series exhibited and sold at Toast store, Sheffield.

You have said you like to people watch, what type of people do you like to watch?

I love watching the lonesome characters, I dream of where they live, I create whole lives in my head; what they had for breakfast, who there first love was, what pets do they have. Also I love watching pets interact, sniffing and barking, I like to wonder what they think, whether I am watching a love at first sight moment! 

Does being in such a quirky cool place like Brighton help?

Definitely, Brighton has a really diverse selection of people, a pick 'n' mix bag of personalities!

If you could draw for any fashion campaign who would it be?

Not really sure if my work is suited to fashion but perhaps H&M or Stella McCartney or a surfing label.They always have lush illustration. 

What inspires you at the moment?

The general public are a constant course of inspiration, overheard conversations always spark up something. My relationship with my boyfriend, who is hilarious. All the amazing illustrators out there, though at times it can be scary just how many good ones there are, such as my studio buddy Tonwen Jones who's work is amazing. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I feel most comfortable in black and white, I love obsessive detailed line and white space but the most important element for me is to add personality.

If you could met any other artist/ illustrator who would it be?

Oh my, there are so many out there that I love, I think anyone that loves to draw would be cool to chat too. 

What can people look forward to in 2011 from you?

Lots more illustration, I'm itching to work with a ceramist and I will be developing my 'made up friends' into a 3D series. 

Which is your favourite piece of work, and why?

I would have to go with the last Vodafone CiliChili magazine of the beach scene. It was quite a challenge, the characters are all linked and interacting with each other. They liked it so much they kept adding new illustrations to the inside, which meant the deadline got pretty tight but the art director of &&& and Vodafone are so awesome to work with, I had a blast doing it!

Lastly what advise would you give to other budding illustrator's?

I'm still starting out myself really but I guess just work really hard and have faith in your work! Do personal work, its usually the work that gets me jobs and helps to develop your style but most importantly get it out there! Do lots of promotional mail outs and chase them all up with phone calls. Don't wait, your next drawing won't be the golden drawing, don't be afraid, go for it!

        All pictures copyright of Running For Crayons (You can own a piece here)

Information From Running For Crayons:

'Tilly is a smaller than average person. She's repeatedly purchasing black rimmed glasses but is ever aspiring to one day buy the red sparkly Vivienne Westwoods.
Based by the sea, where she was given a piece of paper that declares her a Master of crayons, she runs to draw inspiration. With a worldwide client base she works on a variety of projects from publishing and hospitality to music and digital marketing.'

A few things I love:
- popping the tops of coffee jars
- buying a new succulent
- people watching
- getting a new sketchbook

A few thing I dislike (never say hate):
- palpitations due to over consumption of coffee
- succulent dying...again
- getting caught people watching
- drawing on the first page of a new sketchbook
Recent clients include:

What do you think of Tilly's work?

I love her work and hope to see more of it in the future, Thank you to Tilly for giving us all an insight into your world. Go check out her Etsy shop. I think her work would make for a great Christmas gift for the arty person in your life. I hope you enjoyed the interview.


  1. Oh we hve a Maison Blanc where I live, I'll have to check o the menu for any of Tilly's work next time I'm in. Very talented girl - I can't even make stick people look good!

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    great post and work!
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  3. I am sure you inspire a lot of people now. :)

  4. Awww her work is so beautiful! (we have the same name too which makes me love her a bit more he he!)

    The interview was really cool too I loved reading it! xxx

  5. Such great work and I love learning about the person behind them. Brighton people are always so fucking cool, love Tilly's work. @-@ cool post

  6. I have never seen her work before but I really like it. I especially love the picture of Beth Ditto she drew.

  7. I love these illustrations, really funny and quirky, plus amazing detail. Great interview as well!

    I love Quentin Blake too. He's actually just done a mural at the Unicorn Theatre funnily enough: Check it out!

  8. Tilly is such a talented lady. A true inspiration!!!! x

  9. really like the interview, her work is very cool and natural. reminds me of my childhood too. well done

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