Gogo Philip Got Me Feeling Like Alice Dellal

                    Earrings: Gogo Philip

So the wonderful people at Gogo Philip send me these amazing earrings and as soon as I opened them, apart from putting them straight on, Alice Dellal popped into my head. I could just see the super cool Alice, wearing these Egypt style earring to a club or fashion event. Pairing them with her killer lace and spiky bra, I could even see her teaming it with their gold bracelets like this cool snake one

When I wear these during the day I will team them with a tee and checked shirt for a more punk look, I'm going to wear my hair up so you can really see them and finish off with a head scarf. For a night out, I would go for this kind of look or a casual dress ...or you could go all Jerry Hall with them too and team with a cocktail dress. I love that they are not heavy, as I hate that with an earring. They are light so you forget there on, which is always a must in my book.

So do you like my Alice Dellal inspired look?

  Images: Barry lean Photography 
Earrings: Gogo Philip

So Gogo Philip's grandfather started the business in the 1940's making pocket watches, during the 70's and 80's his father then became the biggest Italian chain supplier creating and collecting thousands of high street styles. So in 2000 it was Gogo turn to continue the legacy, he launched his own fine jewellery line which sells in the best boutiques around the world.

                                                   My inspiration for this look.    
Image: Alice Dellal getty

Seems that Gogo Philip are taking the blog and fashion world by storm:
'Gogo Philip is the brainchild of Milanese banker Georgi (Gogo) Philip Pekinov, who is also responsible for super cool jewellery label Toy-me (which is stocked in Number 22 on Carnaby St). Gogo takes inspiration from the past 4 decades, new designs are constantly being produced and added to the collection and are available in 6 Topshops around the UK, (Oxford St – London, Middlesborough, Leicester, Arndale Centre – Manchester, Bromley, and Preston) and GogoPhilip.com' said by Freak Deluxe.
Also check out The Style BITE and Haute Contrast for their reviews of Gogo Philip's fab Jewellery. So here is the look book for Gogo Philip I love these cheeky photos, and the nails and styling for this shoot. They have some many different style and I love the vintage feel, so if your mother did'nt stash her bling for you head to Topshop or to Gogo Philip website to stock up.

Photographer: Mari Sarai

Stylist: Lyson Marchessault
Make up: Valeria Ferreira
Hair: Teiji
Models: Leanne Elliot and Loulou dudman

So thank you to Gogo Philip for these babies, and to you lot for all your lovely comments. Got some very cool post's coming this week from catwalk to art so stayed tuned.


  1. these accessories are stunning! u look great!

  2. great post!

    courtney xx

  3. I love this look! The earrings definately are very cool and your eyeshadow is amazing, wish i could pull that off! Alice Dellal is a bad-ass!

  4. Wonderful post! I love those earrings and your pics. You have beautiful eyes :D

  5. wow girl! love yr eye make-up and those spike vest u wearing! madonna shld see/read this blog of yours:))

  6. Nice earrings, I was wondering whether they were heavy to wear - good to hear they're not. That last photo of you is beautiful, you're really photogenic. :)

  7. found your blog through another blog and im glad i did. amazing!!! alice dellal is a badass and has amazing style..and u do too!

  8. The earrings are lovely but your eyes really stand out, LOVE your eye makeup, beautiful! xoxo


  9. You look amazing as always. I love your green eye shadow and the earrings just complete the entire look. I hate to admit it but I have no idea who Alice Dellal is. Does that make me super old or something?

  10. The earrings are lovely and LOVE the lace and spikes together!
    Great post :) x

  11. I love the lace and studs!! xxx

  12. cool earrings! I need to post my GOGO bracelet!

    Love the spiked top!!xx

  13. oh thank you for all the lovely comments, your making me blush. My eye makeup is take ages but I wanted her cool edgy look, next time I will try and include more about the make up too for you lovely lot. :) I made my top (check out my how to on my lady gaga top ) it was really easy. Glad you liked it, was so much fun to do xxxx

  14. those are beautiful photograhs and i love your style its soo retro! <3


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