Made Up For Michelle

Hi kittens, so what with Christmas around the corner I'm sure there will be parties to attend and fun to be had. So why not be more daring, maybe try a new makeup look this year .....not so sure well after being a follower of Michelle Phan (you tuber) and seeing her huge collection of how to's I think why not. She shows you how to achieve every and any look going, I love that she has made it as she is really talented (I love her voice to). Michelle just started to make and upload these videos and now is know globally. So I'm sure most of you know or have seen her videos. So like I said to give you some inspiration here are my pick of her how to looks for this festive season. Enjoy ......

For more information go to Michelle Phan's channel, she lists everything she use's and has loads more videos.Had to add in her latest video as Michelle had a message for us all, that I think is really important.

Here is some information on the video:
Thank you so much for being a part of my Beautiful Story. Now I want to be a part of your story. I want to inspire you to chase your dreams. More so, I want you to join me in spreading positive messages of empowerment and goodwill.

Please help #ENDMALARIA and save a life.
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- Today, nearly one million lives have been saved from malaria because of mosquito nets.

This is a non profit video.
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  1. i'm such a huge fan of her! she's so pretty and talented!

  2. wow what awesome makeup, might have to use some of these tips!

  3. michelle's videos are very helpful, informative, and entertaining to watch. one of my favorites is when she makes the aspirin facial mask. love her many different makeup looks too. :)

    love your outfits on the previous posts. my favorite is the leather dress with blue cardigan. i love how you can pair up the leather dress with a variety of accessories and layers. :)

    thank you for the very sweet comment, by the way. :)

  4. I have been watching her videos for quite some time and i do really like her!


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