Elbows At The Ready For Lanvin For H&M

So Lanvin for H&M is final here and everyone is readying their elbows for it, in the U.S  they were giving out coffee and cookies (bless em)to the huge queue of people, so I hope people get the same here. People will have be given wristbands I imagine like they had for the Jimmy Choo collection and be given limited time. 

Over on Twitter we have been discussing about people who buy up collection's, and sale them at a stupid rate on EBay. I find it sad to thing that someone who would have put it on whilst leaving the store (this would be me), would love and enjoy it and instead it hang's in a wardrobe gathering dust and never sold. Let's face it people only get excited for so long, but sellers will price something from £50 to £250. You do get the odd seller who put's it up a little, which is okay. I mean if you are in need of money I see why people do it, but I feel with this and celebrities buying up the collection where does this leave 'us' by 'us' I mean people who what to buy and wear it. According to one report from the U.S, the first guy in line didn't even know or had even heard of Lanvin!? Anyway I really hope that people who will wear these pieces get them, good luck my dears.

What do you think about the EBay issue?  

Here are some great viedos from H&M youtube featuring Joe zee and Susie Bubble:

We follow fashion blogger Susie Bubble to the exclusive Lanvin for H&M haute couture fashion show in New York.

This week Joe Zee, creative director of american Elle magazine looks at the Lanvin for H&M collection and picks out his personal favourites.

Enjoy xx


  1. It does really bug me when people do that ebay thing. It happens for everything it seems. Makeup, electronics (ie. iphone), concert tickets, etc. People are so greedy and yet so many people are willing to buy into it.

  2. its going to be a bloodbath lol

  3. this is so similar to ticket touts for festivals/sporting events etc. i think it's wrong, but there's no way you can stop it :/


  4. I actually cannot wait for it. Doesn't come out till Tuesday here and one of my friends is working the opening...but she can't buy anything or hold anything back for herself..so think I'm being slipped some cash to go buy her for it. It's going to be insane but I seriously can not wait. Hate this whole ebay mess though....if you're not completely in love with someone then why buy it? x

  5. WE all can't wait for tomorow! there are some pieces I love!!


  6. wow..am going to check their online now!!!!! LOL!!! have a lovely monday sweetie:)

  7. I love it. I love the cheetah print stockings. I have a pair by betsey johnson, I think I might wear them again this season

  8. im sooo excited!!!! It's gunna be crazzzy!!! XXX


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