Coffee And The Catch Up

Hello my dears, thank you so much for all the feedback lately I have been a bit gob smacked by it, so thank you for taking the time to comment. So the other day I met up with my friend Jule's as she was visiting from York. We had coffee around where I live, I love the market and got a snap of the fish stale before they shut up shop for the day. Next time I will try and get more photos, as there is so much colour and texture and food it's better than a art gallery.

Where do you like catch up with your friend's?

It was soooo cool, so we took pictures so quick (because we were so chilly), it was great to see her and have a good old chat and even better over coffee on a chilly day. I throw on this outfit, so it's a little mismatched but I am addicted to wearing my H&M wedges and got to wear my Vero Moda jacket which I love. I also can't stop using my 'A bag for good' bag that I won off Ellie's from The Mix Kitchen giveaway is huge! It also can be stored in a pouch which is sewn in the base inside, they have lot's of designers and it is Green so really love it. So the bag clashed with the outfit, but who cares when you can fit your house in it. I still need to dye my hair, asked people on TWITTER and they voted black red. So I will try and do a post on it, as I can review the hair dye (than you will know if it is worth buying) because some are really crap. So my 'fuck it's cold, throw on outfit'......

 Jacket: Vero moda
Blouse: H&M
Jeans: Tesco
Wedges : H&M
Bag: CSN (The Mix Kitchen giveaway I won :)

My Life At The Moment

What I'm watching: So unless you have been in a coma you know that Misfit's has returned, I love this show it's fresh and different. Yes okay maybe the super power thing has been done to death, but not like this I love there different powers and the fact that there is so much humour and reality about this show. I think everyone knows someone like one of these characters, but they are more than just trouble makers they actual have a lot of heart. My favourites are Nathan and Kelly, as they are who they are there is a earthy bluntness about them. A great gritty show that has you begging E4 for the next episode. What have you been watching?

Here is the trailer if you have not seen it yet:

 And for you Misfit's lovers here is an interview with the fab cast:

What I have been eating: Lot's of crap :( doughnuts and naughty things not sticking to my list. So I did break out the Wii fit for a while, but yes I really need to start sorting it out or came Christmas I won't fit in anything. What have you been eating?

What I want to buy: So I have loads of shoes, boots, trainers but every winter I can't help but want ever boot going. I saw the Aldo window and was almost licking it, I really don't need any boots but every year it seems that all the shops seem to bring out better, and better boots. Which means that you start thinking about giving people a hug for Christmas and buying your self a piece of boot heaven. I am being super strong and order my Christmas pressies (not heaps, don't have it this year) and wearing the great boots I have. Plus trying to buy stuff I need (which really is nothing) I the only one with this weird seasonal habit, do you feel the need for some new boots come Christmas?

Glitter Nail polish: Sorry for the rubbish application in this picture, I am usually half a sleep when applying vanish. I am so addicted to glitter vanish at the moment, this is Hello Kitty for H&M nail vanish. I also love all Barry M glitter polish a red one to get in the Christmas spirit (came Christmas day, I will probably hate it and never want to wear glitter again). What is your choice of polish at the moment?

So this is just a quick post, I have lot's of rubbish tasks to do at the moment. Like doctor's for my son and dentist and other rubbishy boring 'events', I will be posting some cool stuff but will have to bear with me. Thank you again for all the support you lot rock.

Images: all mine apart from the Misfit's which you can find here


  1. wooow..
    your look..i loved!!

    great post dear :D*

  2. 1) you looked great for your coffee date. i love the bag.
    2) I have never heard of misfits but it sounds good
    3) I am so into glitter nailpolish right now...which is weird because i swore i would never wear them. i am really into the new o.p.i collection 'burlesque' and the polish colour sparkilicious!

    Love these posts!

  3. this post is truly amazing!!
    your outfit is amazing, and yum donuts!
    courtney xx

  4. Awesome blog as always!
    Im absolutely loving glitter nail polish too(and to be honest everything else thats glittery) and brought the Red Barry M glitter polish the other day.

  5. ahh, i always go to coffee shops or to each other's houses to catch up - tea and coffee is always involved - and maybe some cake if we're lucky!

  6. Great post! I love those nails and the wedges!

  7. I've been eating lots of crap too
    :( Boo, chocolate glazed donuts are my weakness.

    I like your self made shrug, very fun!

    ~Em K


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