Pass The Snood

So don't ask why I look so grumpy in this outfit post, I think it's because my mother takes them and as she is unwell I have no one too. So my boyfriend kindly took these on Sunday for me, it was nice to have pictures but it made me sad that my mum wasn't taking them (I know that sounds lame). Anyway so Sunday was cold with a capital C and I could not find a scarf, I started to rummage through my drawers and found this top that I had never worn. 

I was looking at the knit and though ' I could so wear that as a snood',  I don't have any snood's and I have wanted one for ages. I think it works and I love the fact it is neon, I'm in a pick it up, put it on mode at the moment I have so much going on that I would wear anything (well not a tracksuit EVER, but you get want I mean). 

Do you prefer scarves or snoods?

 Jacket: Primark
Dress: BOOHOO.COM? ...I think
Jegging, Bag and Boots: Primark
Top worn as snood: A rave shop in camden

I can not wait for next month, I don't know if you watch it but Misfits S2 is airing I adored the first series and I love the whole feel of the show. Plus hopeful it will be a better month and it also will be my blogs birthday :) Horay.

Image: E4 Misfits channel 4

It's my boyfriends birthday on Friday so many do a post for him, as I know that he read's my blog when he can. It will be on gadgets as he is addicted to them. I never know what to buy him as he has so much already, any ideas? I would love any input you have to give, oh if anyone has Kelly Brook's phone number I know that would make his birthday and his year 


  1. The pink scarf is amazing!! I have two snoods but only wear them as scarves. They're not as bright as your neon pink one though, it's amazing!

  2. I like scarves.:D

    I hope your mom feels better soon!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Thanks Winnie it is actual a top, but I just wear it as a snood as it's knitted. xx

  4. Haha 'well not a tracksuit, ever' :P made me larf!

    Ya look gorgeous laura! Really good idea! Might customise some things myself for winter! :)


  5. its a top?? wow! it looks great as a scarf!

  6. I like the scarf a lot! :) I saw a similar one at Forever 21. I've never heard of a snood before so this made me search for "snood" on google. :))

    I hope your mom recuperates soon!

  7. i love this outfit of yours. u are very chic. the boots are great and the colour of the scarf just adds to this amazing oufit. great job.

  8. the pink snood looks great and its really a good ideo to make a snood out of a top *_*

    I have one snood too but i have to say that i prefer scarves i just feel more comfortable when wearing a scarf =D

    Your outfit looks nice and its really sad that your mum could go with you but nice that your friend went with you ;)

    Hmm i do not habe any ideas what you could buy your boyfriend... maybe parfume or stuff like that... unfortunately i do not have kelly brooks phone number xD otherwise i would give it to you xDD


  9. love the jacket. Always love bright pink with leopard print xxx

  10. That's so clever! Did you just cut the sleeves off or what? I love snoods!

  11. @Alison no it is a wide knit vest, so just bunched it up. I will try and post a picture of it normal as a top so you can see. Thanks the comments my dears xx

  12. Ahhh, really liking those boots! xxxxx
    hope your mum is doing lots better!

  13. i love the snood they looks like snuggly and light than a scarf aswell!! and awh i wish i could go see feeder and get a bag of goodies ;)

  14. wow I love your bag! and your coat!
    I love me a snood, I like the scarfs that are more of a pashmina if you get me haha xx

  15. I love the coat!!! That pink just pops against it and looks gorgeous! xoxo

  16. how is she ? gosh i hope she is feeling better by now

    what have u got him????

  17. I like scarves, but i'm really beginning to take to these snoods, they're really cute! I really like your outfit!



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