Banana Gun Fights And Thee Best Friends

Got to love Centre pint :P
My OOTD was lazy.

Okay so I know my mates hate picture's being taken and put up any where of them, but I had to share these. This was from a recent night out, that was meant to be a drink in the pub and ending up being a full on club night in total we went to one pub, and two club's. I just have to say that I have got thee best friends and here are just some of them, I love how they all like to have a laugh and be silly sometimes. I could never be with a group of people who were worried about people watching them dance, and stuff like that. My mate David got this group of guy's dancing to 'A team' and he got them to do combo roll's on the dance floor (most people had gone and we were a tad drunk). Earlier on Adam and David had both had bananas in their bags so we all started gun fighting with them .....yeah I did mention we had be drinking. But .... AND THIS IS A BIG but even wen we don't drink we have a laugh :P They are all so different and I have different group's of friends from say job's, sixth form etc ....
This is just a post to say that I love you all. They love me for me ...even if I am sometimes loud, lame, nerdy and a tad mental. A true friend is just there, I must say it again (I think I have said this in about ten other posts) but I have had a lot of Birthday's this month ...
One of my old dear friends not that she is old ...I have just know her forever is Connie and it's her Birthday this thursday we are going to a great little cafe type place, so I will do a special Birthday post for her with picture's too.
So tell me why you love your friend's and what you look for in a friend ?
I think it is easy to take them for granted, so if you have not spoken to a good friend lately why not give them a call or send them a card ....sometimes it mean's more than just saying hay on Facebook or something. Hope you are having a great week, thank you for following and for all the feedback xxxxx


  1. Oh my

    these pics rock :D

    I need to be able to be myself around friends. I need to be able to burp and not say "excuse me" but be able to say "god that smelled like tuna" and then burst out in laughter. then i need friends who understand that i'm not perfect. and i understand that my friends are not perfect either (:

    thanks for visiting babe xxx

    btw your layout and header is SO COOL LIKE AMAZING. love lady gaga!

  2. YEAH im not the only one with the banana gun thing :D. pics r awesome <3. and friends, well, i dont know, it would be dull without em ;D

  3. Looks like a lot of fun :P

    Itd be deadly to have a night out with you!!

    hope youre well! i miss you too!!!

  4. That guy is hot, the one with the banana's and why were they carrying them in their bags?


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