Vlogging Again

          Butterfly ring: accessorize £3:00 in sale

So this is the second time around, and I think this video is better ...but I had to slip it into two. I'm still a bit unsure what to talk about or what to show you, if you have any feedback please I would love to hear what you wanna know or see. So check it out, and let me know ...
So what is your favourite shoes colour and why? Do you have one? Let me know, thank you for following and all your lovely comments. Makes me feel good xxx Have a fab weekend my dears xx

My Makeup Haul and Shoes video:

Sleek makeup:in limited edition Circus £5:99 Do you have it? What do you think about it. I will review soon I will be doing more videos so you can join my channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/LawAKABettie
Have a great weekend :P


  1. yey you did it again! think you should keep it up, i've been listening to them whilst i was on another blog and flicking back, works for me!

    fav shoe colour, hmmm i do wear a lot of navy. but i have some pale pink brogues, they are really pointy and i'm not so into that anymore but i'll keep them for another year, i have some green boat shoes too!

  2. Love the makeup haul, I want the Barry M nail vanish its such great color.
    I love this blog x

  3. Hihi beautiful missy, i am loving these vids of yours and the sneak peek at some of your red shoesies. feedback - i would love to see some more of your shoes in your collection! you should do seperate vids showing different coloured shoes you have? lovelove the viv shoes, & i think you should have some more babas if your getting those as a gift! have you seen the cute little wellie boots in the collaboration they are absolutely adorable! think i might need to get them for the winter.. but i cant justify spending over £65 for wellies. my fav shoe colour has to be black.. you can't go wrong with a pair (or 10 pairs) of black shoes.

    i love that accesorize ring of yours, i went in there today but only found the necklace version :( and it was too crowded to browse without getting an elbow in my face so i left with nothing!!!

    oh and of course i'll do another nail design, i just ordered some nail things so will do one once the things arrive! might go out and buy some barry m polish's tomorrow since everyones raving about them, can't believe i havent tried them out yet, the colours are wickedcool. oh and maybe you should do a nail varnish collection vid? id love to see what the barry ms look like seeing as ill be a newbie to barry m. ive only recently just bought a sleek palette and the shadows are gorgeoussssss so finely milled and soft. the sleek make up palette you have looks insane, i cant believe how well you pull off those colours. if i wore an acid green i would certainly look like a clown! youve done well my dear ;)

    anyway thats enough from me now before i start writing a novel, enjoy the rest of your weekend! xx

  4. your eye's are HUGE !!!!
    Love the video. Keep it up.XOXOX

  5. Love that color palette! Hope you're having a lovely summertime.

    Cheers: Evi

  6. oh my, i didnt know you had a blog! I love your outfits on chictopia! Anyway, you got pretty cute stuff!

  7. Hey, nice blog!
    maybe you can visit my blog sometime, and we can follow each other(:

  8. Love the effect you applied on to the photos. Also loving the make up haul, I'm kind of addicted to watching haul videos and various make up blogs when I'm online, so this definitely had me interested!

  9. Great blog :)


  10. Hey, I'm loving the vlogging! Youre a natural! Maybe one day ill give it a bash. Keep it up :D

    Rufus ✞

    p.s. my favourite shoe colour is blood red and electric blue. x

  11. Too cool, love the sleek palette :)

  12. Follow! follow! follow!


    pd: im sure you´ll like the music

  13. hahaha I TOTALLY thought you said your viv shoes smelled like sandal. I rewinded and heard sandalwood - but it gave me a right good giggle. I think I even lol'ed!!!


    Love the vlogs, you should keep this up!! :)


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