Stripes and Hearts

I final wore my heart jeans, I have found that they are not that wearable and go with very little. I teamed them with my Asos top and got some cool picture at the Tate (tat) and at the market. I love this wall at the Tate and just had to get a picture next to this word. Fetish is seen sometimes as a dirty word when really it can mean a whole heap of things check out growth Fetish.

I don't think that words can be bad or good, it is in the manor in which we say them. I openly admit I have a shoes Fetish, they give be a joy and comfort that makes me feel I belong in the world again crazy but true. Everyone I know has a crazy love for something it be fashion, literature or films. Surely you are not living, if you don't have a passion for something. Maybe you have one what's yours? 

You know what I talk alot of shit sometimes, so forget all that and have a great weekend. Thank you for all your comments. Big shout out to Matt from and Lisa (BTW Lisa, I did my nails will be in my next post) from who always leave me comments and give me great feedback (and have pretty damn cool blogs too)....I hope you all have a great relaxed weekend my dears ............

Fetish acording to Wikipedia:

Fetish may refer to:

Social conditioning to create attraction towards a person, place, or an object.
Fetish, a song by Dj Falk
Fetishism, the attribution of religious or mystical qualities to inanimate objects
Sexual fetishism, sexual attraction to objects, body parts or situations not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature
Fetish (album) (1999), by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Commodity fetishism, a Marxist concept of valuation in capitalist markets
Content Fetish (2004), by James Paul Gee: the view that any academic area, whether physics, sociology, or history, is composed of a set of facts or a body of information and that the way learning should work is through teaching and testing such facts and information
Growth Fetish, the pursuit of economic growth in politics and economic theory as a universal cure for all society's problems
Fetish fashion, clothing and clothing fetishes
Zuni fetishes, small carvings from various stones, made by the Zuni Indians
Venturi FĂ©tish, a car produced by Venturi Automobiles
Violence Fetish, a song written by Disturbed

So yes or no on the jeans? I just don't know.

Top: Asos
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Ebay
Words of complete rubbish: Me

So sorry again for this crap post, or if you like reading about crap than I have heaps ...answer's on a postcard.


  1. I love shoes too and those pants are too cute!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. oh thank you hunni, hope you are well xxx

  3. Definitely YES to the jeans ... they're so cute :oD

  4. thank you so much for enjoying my blog. I must say you have the most awesome blog banner! ahahah i just love it seriously! :)

  5. I love the pants so nice!!!!

    Where did you took the photo with the art of flowers?
    It´s amazinG!!!love it



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