Twlight And China Fashion Week

I hate Twlight there I said it ..........................and I think Robert Pattinson look's musky. Anyway apart from that I do love Interview With A vampire (classic) I don't get this whole new thrill with Vampire's. It's so 1994.

I love the film I am a Cyborg but that's okay, I saw it a couple of year's ago and I found it the other night and had to watch it. It is weird but super kooky and as you know I love the kooky ....not to mention that the lead guy is really cute. I love what he said in the mini interview below about being turned down for the record deal. Again the film is about a young girl who believe's she is a cyborg she end's up locked away at a mental clinic. It is visual stunning and funny watch it.

Anyway back to Fashion my dear's ..............................

Check out CFW .....that's China Fashion Week ...............OMG I love their fashion show's, it's art and fashion rolled into one yummy eye fest.

I love the feel of this show, there is a stage performance going on as well as a catwalk show.
I love the attention to detail and the Gaga style jacket.

There are more show's, so if you like these I will post more let me know?


  1. wow you know more about love

    thanks for beautiful comment
    hey how are you
    you post is awesome i love the stuff, great designs, funky models enry thing is nice

  2. Hehe, I only just saw this post, fellow cyborg lover! I love Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) his music is sooo cool and he's a wicked dancer - you should go to and have a look at some of his modelling work; he is so beautiful *sigh*


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