Had a wonderful day with the BF and the bub, we had a nice walk than it was all about tea and cake ...we did'nt really fancy chocolate egg's as cake is far better. Ohh and it gave me a chance to wear my new shoes, my BF got me them for easter with some other bits and I adore them. Plus the sun was out in London and we were soaking it up, we get like a week of it (that's it for the year !! Okay it's not that bad, but almost.)

I have been on Ebay again .................and went abit crazy, anyway will show you what I got. So here is my fab Topshop dress that I told you about a while ago. It is stripped and is soooo Alice In Wonderland (I think) I just adore it. So today I paired it with my strappy's and a black belt and hairbow ......cute?

Jacket: old
 Dress: Topshop (Ebay)
Belt: old
Tight's: Tesco
Shoes: New Look
Hairbow: Primark

Tottenham Cake, my fave !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring is in the air and the flower's are in bloom, I can't wait for lunch in the park and stroll's along the southbank while the sun sets ...............Happy Day's.


  1. omg i love your shoes!! sooo cute :) and you have some great pictures! good job!! :)

  2. love the Easter dress! I had to search for the Kate Moss colorful pants and I found them...I love them too! I sure hope some color stays in mind, I would prefer pastel colors like Kate Moss style ;) hope you had a nice Easter ;) xoxo

  3. She got banned from india?! hahahahahahaha

    Beautiful pics btw you sexy beast! xx

  4. i've never heard of tottenham cake before, is that the pink thing?

  5. yeah it is the pink one, it's from Gregg's but I heard that some place's in the uk don't have it. Which is just mad !!!!


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