Pot Of Dreams

Last week was a long one, what with Corbie having chicken pox and than me being really ill, oh thank you for your comment's by the way so sweet. So apart from all the drama here is what has been happening. My BF got me a pot of dream's if you have never heard of them, than where have you been! I saw one year's ago, but never got it for the fact you have to smash it open. I will be sad when I have to smash it open, but the upside is that hopfully there will be money for you guessed it 'new shoes' like I need anymore. I need to put more in the pot if I am going to get a nice pair, I want to get my little boy one when he is older. So if there is something he really want's, he can be grow up and buy it himself. I think it is a good idea to teach him how to save money and help him save, no doubt I will be filling that one as well.  If you had a pot of dream's, what would it be for?

So nail polish 17 is my new fava brand, I said I would show you and how amazing is this colour, it's called Fairy Cake (how cute is that name). Not only did it go on really well, it did not chip at all which is fab, (as having a 6 month old baby does not really give you much time for topping up) I want to eat this colour. It really is perfect, it is glossy as well with out a topcoat of vanish !!! Does it get any better ....

 Nail polish 17 in Fairy Cake

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  1. the red dress looks wicked, don't you just love ebay! i can't wait for eggs either, ommmm ommm ommm


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