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I have to say it, I just heart Nicola Roberts new style. It was not long ago that she looked like that chav girl, you see in the club who is throwing up in the corner from doing too many shot's, emmm not good. She is now a butterfly and has over hauled her whole look, the tan has gone, her hair is more sharp and styled. I heart you N.R and you keep blowing me away with your ever daring outfit's. I just love this Vivienne Westwood Taffeta Check Sunday Bale Dress. At £465! I think I will have to forever have it on my wish list *sobs on the floor. However if you can afford it and love it too, head over to my wardrobe. 


  1. i'd 100% pick her over all the rest of the band. im a sucker for red heads

  2. Omg that Vivienne Westwood dress is to die for!

  3. I would kill for that Chanel bag.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog btw.



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