Everybody Love.....

Bag: Topshop

This heart bag that I got from Topshop like a year ago has to be one of the cutest bags I own, I take it out every now and than but than it diappeared. Than the other day my  BF asked if I could clear out some space (in other word's get rid of your bag collection) I just moved stuff around to make it look like I had, but I was so glad because this had be at the back for more than a few month's. 

I heart my heart bag and so do all my friend's, but I am keeping a strong grip on it ...........sorry ladie's your not getting this one. You can't have my heart, I do have a rucksack cira 1996 that is all your's, if you want to look like a reject from bandcamp ...........not even I could make it look cool ....trust me I tried.



  1. cute bag i never seen this before

  2. amazing bag...!!!




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