Kawaii Nail's Uber Cute Or Uber Ugly .............

Images: weheartit.com

I myself think these's are really cute, but I know for a fact some people will hate them. I love the skull one's I like the chain detail on them, I know when I was 13 I would have loved them. 

The only down side is the price, but a lot of work and detail has gone into them so I can see why ....but when I think about it when you get your nail's done at a good salon it would cost you about the same. I really want a pair but if one dropped off and I lost it, I would be gutted. So think I'm gonna try like the girl below and paint my nails with something funky. 

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  1. I love em! I think I would pick at them though so they would probably only last me a short bit before I started popping bits off :)


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