Thursday Dreaming

The wonderful Lady Gaga took home three Brit award for Best international female, breakthrough artist and Best international album. Gaga performed Telephone, which she dedicated to the late Lee McQueen. I love her, and think that she is really making music, she is an inspiration ......I do find it sad however that now everyone is trying to dress bonkers and think they will have the "Gaga effect". I say you won't because she has talent, something which must people lack. I just adore the lace look she has been sporting lately, I may get out my glue gun and make a lace mask of my own.

I do miss my weekly night's out with the girls, were we would get drunk, dance like clowns and take pictures of our footwear. Now I find that I have lots of pictures of just my shoes, Which is a little bit sad. I hope when my friends are back in town, we will dress up, party and take lots of random pictures. Shoe pictures with save my sanity. Speaking of shoes, I really want to photograph my collection I'm scare of just how many pairs I own. I don't want to shoe shame myself, and I know I will.

I got bored over Christmas, and decided to give my nails a little something extra, I couldn't find the picture for ages so that's why I'm posting it now. I have been to busy at the moment to really do anything with my nails, but when I can I will post some pictures if I have a slow day. I'm sure there will be many boring days to come.

I am really in to candy coloured makeup at the moment, so I just adore this candy floss lipstick by Rimmel. It glides on, and stays put for a good couple of hours before you need to reapply. Love it. I have also been considering cutting my hair, but I decided to cut a wig to shape on my head. Than end up with hair that I hate, I think I'm going to let it grow but I did have fun with it on.

IMAGES OF lady gaga at just Jared.


  1. Sweet blog! Thanks so much for visiting me. :) I would love to see your shoe collection!

  2. I will post it soon, gonna take time. Like yourself I have sooooooooooooo many. xx


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