Lets Play Dress Up

So it is almost the weekend, and I can't wait lots of putting my feet up and just relaxing. If it isn't raining I may drag my BF and the bub out for a nice lunch, the weather is just so crappy in London at the moment. I may have to dig out the cape ( it is pink checked with a feathered hood) but you can't really push a buggy with a cape on. The arm holes are cut to low, so I may look a little freaky. I just love this prom dress, my friend took these pictures I really like them because I was unaware she was. In the top one someone had said something abit shocking, I love how she catch my shock. I am having trouble sleeping I have tryed everything, I think I need a trip to Brighton soon. I love that place its so chilled out, no one is in a rush. People take their time, London is just nonstop go, go, go it can get a bit much sometimes. I will need to talk to my BF and see.

Dress H&M, Belt: ASOS.COM


  1. Sweet dress! It looks adorable with your hairstyle. Love your retro-style bangs! You kind of resemble Lady Gaga before she went all platinum blonde. Gorge!

  2. Hi :) yeah those were my drawing's, thanks . Well, i hate when I can't fall asleep it's stressful!

  3. I loveee how you mix the whole ensembles, and I like your hairstyle too :) very edgy :)


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