Further Down The Rabbit Whole

With Tim Burton's Release of Alice In Wonderland, I think we are all ready to jump down the rabbit whole and add a little magic to our wardrobes. Think big hair bows, pocket watch necklaces and tea dresses and you will be mad as a hatter for this look. I have the perfect bow that my Aussie friend sent me, that is just perfect. Try not to make the look to costume like, go for more girly and pretty or glam tea party.

How cute is this Disney Couture Alice in Wonderland Silver Pocket Watch Necklace , it is £39:00 which I think is well worth it. You can pick your's up at http://www.zentosa.com/  I must say Alice in Wonderland was always one of my fava's, I loved the fact that Alice found this magic world on her doorstep. As a kid I loved my grandad's garden,  I use to talk to his red rose's because of this film. I'm glad that Burton has made this movie, I hope it flames the mind's of the children the way that Disney capture my heart with this film.

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