Never Too Old For Dress Up

As a young girl (sorry or a young boy for some of you) we all played dress up. There we were, hairbrush in hand singing our heart's out in the mirror.The most important thing was finding the shoe's that made us feel grown up, that gave you the boost to sing your heart out to the classics's (in my house it was Madonna) and not care who caught you. My mother had a limited choice of going out wear, it being the 80's and being a single parent I had the choice between gold court heels or a pair of ankle suede boot's.

So I had no choice but to throw on the gold courts and use my imagination ( which was endless and had no boundaries )in my head they were red, ruby red. They became the magic shoes, magic because when I slipped my foot into these thing's in my head they fit like a glove, made my pale skin glow and had bows at the front. Than I got older and gone were the days when I could pretend, and all I could see were the gold cracked courts that even my mum admitted were wrong, wrong Wrong! So I fell off my chair when I came across the new Vivienne Westwood Anglo range, it was these bad boy's that made my heart skip a beat. Watching the 'Wizard Of Oz' and 'Some Like It Hot' these shoes are the ruby red slipper's for the sexy siren in any woman. The best part is that they are £88:00 which won't break the bank. I have a lot of shoes, but these are the shoes I dreamed of wearing......who knew that in 2009 you could buy a dream. I will always have a place in my heart for the gold court's, but the end of there will be no pretending.

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