The Ordinary Skincare | Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA Review

After a late night of not being able to sleep again, I thought I would settle down with a magazine and a cup of tea - not the best thing to have for getting to sleep I know, but I was past the point of caring. As I flicked through, I come across a review by their beauty editor. I don't tend to buy into skincare trends, especially in magazines as I don't always feel that it's completely honest. While I know writers will want to be, a magazine is there more to sell these 'must haves' too you. Some times this can be a winner, and sometimes, well sometimes it's utter crap. 

But after reading about the brand The Ordinary, it was refreshing to see a brand everyone was going mad for that didn't cost a vital organ. That avoided ingredients like, parabens and sulphates that tend to leave skin dry and tight which is the last thing you want from a moisturiser and other skincare. 

Also they are a cruelty free brand, which was another reason why I wanted to try it out myself and see what the hype was all about. As I tend to break out a lot, I made a rule for myself to reduce the products I use. This way if my skin isn't happy with a product I'll know. I also thought it would be a better idea to try one, see how I got on and then trying another if I liked it. I've used up my Vitamin E cream, so decided that it was a good time to try their natural moisturizing factor + HA.  If it was no good I'd simple go back to that. 

So is it worth the hype? 

What I like with this brand, is that they don't make any crazy promises. If you use this you will look younger, or people will like you and that it will change your life in a dramatic way. They simple state that it's a lightweight cream, and that it aims to protect and hydrate. It contains 11 amino acids, which work with your skin. Simple.

When I don't sleep which is a lot, my skin tends to breakout and also get really dry. This said I loath thick product, and much prefer not to feel it. I decided to use it in the mornings, as that's when my skin tends to feel at it's worst. On first impressions I really liked the packaging, the tube is easy to open and close and I like that it's sealed away nicely. The hole is small, so I liked that the formula doesn't pour out. Inside it's almost foam like, white and light in texture. It sinks  nicely into the skin without much effort, and while I will be honest and didn't really like the smell. It doesn't have an unnatural fragrance either. 

It's light weight and not sticky, while it left my skin feeling hydrated it didn't feel heavy at it and it wasn't sticky. Similar to applying a primer, my skin feel a little plumper and ready for the day. After a few weeks of use, I was nearing the end of the tube thankful I had purchased two. Does it make my skin perfect, no. But would any cream. Did it keep it's promises of keeping my skin hydrated and protected, yes. Is it worth the money, absolutely. A product that does what it says, that doesn't contain a bunch of crap is worth the hype as far as I'm concerned. It's not a heavy suite cream, so if you prefer a rich thicker cream this won't be for you. I think this would be great for oily skin too, but mine being dry you would have to try it for yourself. I think it's important that the beauty market recognise, that not everyone has a bunch of money to splash. That being said, it is possible to make quality products. I will be buying this again. For £5.00 you get a 30ml inside, which doesn't sound a lot but it goes a long way you don't need to use a crazy amount. If you prefer a heavy cream, this won't be for you. I think this is more suited as a day cream. 

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