Dealing With Acne

Is it a bird? Is It a plane? Nope, it's a massive spot in the middle of your face, oh and it felt lonely on it's own so it invited some of it's buddies to join the face party. Yes I'm in my 30s and yes I still suffer with acne. No it's not because I wear makeup, or not clean my face properly, or eat chocolate so please go back into the box of ignorance because they are missing you. Acne is not something caused by what someone is doing, yes it helps to  let your skin breathe and making sure you keep your face clean but you should clean yourself acne or not. FACT- It's a skin disease. So I hope that clears that up for all the people, who suddenly became a doctor when they see my skin and advise me to wash my face. Really, get back in the box. 

Without going into a mass of detail and self pity over my own acne struggle, I thought that actual it would be far better to write a positive post on ways to deal with it. As I know most of you are looking for that miracle potion, that's going to take it away. But sadly sometimes you just have to learn to deal with it and not let your skin rule you. 

Remember that people see pass your skin- Apart from the odd idiot, most people are too busy in their own world to care if your skin is bad or not. Faking confidences can sometimes give you it, and people prefer happy souls to spend time with. Of course when  you can't and it's getting you down, it can feel like the world is pointing at you. I still have those days, and if your depressed than please speak with friends and family you are not alone. You can also chat with your doctor about treatments, but make sure you research whatever your given as some do have side effects- If your not comfortable with what you are given and don't be afraid to go back until it's right. Know that you are not alone, they love you and not based on your skin. Building your confidences again, will really help you to see that acne doesn't have to rule your life. Their are so many others going through the struggle too, and so many groups out there to help support you. 

Everyone is airbrushed, so don't compare- When your having an awful skin day, maybe a fresh batch has heard about that party and joined. Than if you can avoid Instagram, magazines and anything else where celebrities are looking flawless etc. Your only going to pour over the photos and feel bad. You're forgetting that they are not 100% real, lighting, makeup, filters, and photoshop go a long, long way. Everyone faces have little flaws- Even when we use apps to get those selfies looking just right, that's what makes us human and there's nothing wrong with it. So try not to compare your skin, to a professional airbrushed shot of someone who's had a whole team of people make them look 'perfect'. Because they don't even look like that, just remember that there's something wrong when someone looks like they have no pores. 

Try not to study your face- If your not having a good day, than try to avoid spending to much time at the mirror. It's the hardest thing to do sometimes, but poking at your skin is not going to help. It's going to leave your skin sore, can cause more breakouts and emotional leave you drained and dishearten. Limit your time for makeup - if you wear it, brushing teeth and doing your hair and other mirror related tasks. Short bursts of doing things in front of the mirror, is better than wasting a whole evening going over every inch of your skin. If you can get into a routine, it will really help and boost your confidence because you won't be obsessing over it. Be kind to yourself, and don't let it take over your life. 

Cut down on products- Okay we have all been there, your skin looks like a pizza and you were desperate. It's red raw and you have made it worst, as you have basically used everything in your bathroom apart from the shower gel and toilet bleach. Sometimes less is more, so try to use a couple at a time. This way you can tell what your skin likes, and whats making you break out. It will save you tears and money. While some won't cure acne, there are plenty of products on the market which can reduce acne so don't lose heart. 

It's okay to slap it on, just remember to take it off properlyOkay so unless you have ever suffered with acne, you have no right to tell someone not to wear makeup if they want to. I've gone months before not wearing makeup, and want to know something it did not make ANY difference to my skin. So honestly if you want to wear makeup go for it, there are so many tutorials on you tube on how to cover spots and scaring. If you don't like full makeup, you could just use a simply cover up. If it makes you feel better, and leaves you focused on what you need to do than go for it. I can honestly put my hand on my heart, and say that makeup helps make me feel good when my skin was at it's worst. Just remember to clean your makeup brushes regular, and always wash your makeup off. Wet wipes push it into your pores and of course we don't want this. And if you don't want to, than high five it's your skin and your choice. 

So sorry I can't make your skin woes go away, but learning to deal mentally with it will honestly change your life. So what if girls you know have flawless skin, you don't know what else they have going on. Hating on another girl because she doesn't have your struggle won't help you, and someone hating on you for your struggle doesn't help them. Try your best to block out idiots and talk to those that support you, and know that you're skin can only define you if you let it. Take it a day at a time, and if things get bad talk to someone. Lastly go have a look at this video by Em ford, she's is such a babe and is really flying the flag for acne suffers everywhere. Hitting back at bullies and giving us all the voice we have needed, to tell idiots who make horrid comments because of acne to jog on. Have you ever struggled with acne? How do you deal with it.  


  1. I so hear you about the washing thing, I get it sometimes too. In my early teens I had the regular kind of acne you usually get, late teens it had cleared up and everything was good. Then I started birth control pills, and bam, pizza face. Went from the odd pimple now and then to full on, cystic monsters that made it hard to eat, talk or move my face, in just a couple of weeks. I stopped taking the pill after a couple of months, but even now about 5 years later things are still bad. It's gotten better, but it's not *good*, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my hygiene or makeup-habits.

    But people always think they know what's best for you, don't they :/

  2. I know the feeling on this, I have to take antibiotics for my face as my skin is so bad! You are beautiful though and your smile is always the first thing I notice in your pictures!

    Maria xxx

  3. I have just developed adult acne after having clear skin almost my entire life :( finding it really tough and super frustrating. I'm trying to understand it and what is irritating my skin but it honestly feels like it has came from nowhere. It's really getting me down! :( xx


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