Candy Gal

I had the pleasure of attending Chalk pr's Alice In Wonderland tea party, which was an evening filled with beauty products and cake - Basically the dream right. I discovered some cool new brands which I'll be sharing soon, as they feature some vegan ones and some amazing hair products so are worth sharing. This was in-between meeting some new bloggers/you tubers, with mouthfuls of cake so it was a perfect evening. 

Photos taken by Clare- Rainbows and Fairydust
Candy Top and Duffel Bag: Primark
Cropped Biker Jacket: Topshop via EBay
Glasses: Pretavoir* 
Zebra Flares: Ebay
Rainbow platforms: Y.R.U via ASOS 

Outfit wise I decided to wear my new flares, which I love but the waistband is not great on them. So I'll probably will invest in a pair from Ette Clothing, as theirs are better quality and they have some lush fabrics. I really love flares/bell bottoms , so I'm so happy about the current trends as it means they are easier to get hold of. I also broke out my rainbow Y.R.U platforms! As after the sole spilt I left them in my wardrobe for ages, but I finally glued the mouth shut and they are like new again hooray. Soles with a tongue are not the one. The only down side to being short and wearing flares is having to wear platforms all the time, sometimes I just can't face them and if you get the flare turned up you end up losing the actual flare. I may search for some in a petite length for the days I just want to wear trainers. As it was tea party themed I wore my primark candy tee, and my rainbow cardigan. Basically channelling my inner spice girl at the moment. 

As you know I was really ill for like two months -Feeling a lot better now by the way, so thank you all for your well wishes. I couldn't get out, and was very down and bored so I went on an EBay vintage spree. So really excited to show you what I've been buying, and  finally start wearing it all. If you like went I've bought, I may do a post on the best places to buy vintage and what to search for. As I get asked a lot and I'm happy to help, as it can be hard to find certain things as they are usually listed really poorly. 


  1. You look this out! Glad you had a great time and also that you're feeling better too. Have a great weekend xx

  2. You're the coolest ever!!!!

  3. I love this outfit! Your top is so quirky - what a lovely print!

    Emma x

  4. i swear your style gets better and better x

  5. ahhhh!! freakin love this outfit! <3 Them zebra flares are soo cool! :) I got the rainbow YRUs too but clear platform n found the soles on mine are abit crappy too, peeling back after one wear! :( def only dig them out now for special occasions! love them soo much! x

  6. "First the glasses, then the hair and then the BEARD" ..... best lift exit ever!! xx

  7. Love this outfit and your hair looks ace. I'm glad you are feeling better :)

    Maria xxx

  8. You look amazing I'm glad you're feeling better- I love your flares!


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