Primark Spring/Summer 15

Me wearing one of their waterproof raincoats, with neon floral lining can I have it now please ...

Believe it or not, but this is not even half of what was on view at Primark's Spring/Summer press day. As we all fight off colds and are still wrapped in layers of clothing, it feels as if spring will never come. Primark have decided to make me cry a little more into my winter jumper, by producing one of their best collection yet. I think  the 'raver camper' trend will be filling my wardrobe this summer, holographic raincoat for a mere £18.00 anyone... I loved the acid brights mixed with pleather and tropical prints. There were others trends which for the life of me I can't recall the names of, shall I give up blogging now. Probably.

There was a nautical theme to one of them, which had a real texture mix going on. I loved the stripe knitted vest and crisp white lace, I think this is a trend that swings back round every now and than because it's so classic but this feels new. Soft laying of denim, cottons and summer knits will keep you looking like you have fallen off the catwalk and not a fishing boat. 

Shoes, shoes, shoes I don't really have to say much do I really *looks at photos and sobs with joy. They always bring together a strong collection of footwear, and it's great to see flats taking a lead more. There are still heels, with cutout details and gems, but flats won it for me. There were mock-croc sandals, neon sliders, and floral woven flatforms and they had my jaw swinging on the floor. I've had a massive clear out of summer footwear, so it's great to know I can pick up some staple pairs and still have change left in my pocket. There were plenty of statement bags, and even the kooky ones still had a very clean finish to them. The collection was fun, but felt less casual than what we have seen both from their past S/S range. Pieces are starting to enter stores now, so keep your eyes peeled as they are going to be snapped up fast. See anything you will be buying? 


  1. I quite like the holographic coat and the white backpack!
    Here's hoping I can find them in my local store :D


  2. Oh my god that blue and white two piece is not Primark!!!!!! Wow, so impressed.

    Georgi xxx

    So excited for these bits to be in shops!

  4. Primark really have hit the jackpot again!

  5. Why isn't that holographic jacket in store yet!?! 😢


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