Christmas With Bleach

I love Bleach London, they are basically what Tumblr would look like if Tumblr where a person. I could spend hours pouring over images on their Instagram and sit on the edgy of my seat for every new Lookbook. Of course there is noting like going to their salon and having a unicorn hair moment first hand, but it can get pricey. Maybe you know someone who is a walking gif of glitter, 90s buns and vintage band tees that would lose their cool and let out a little scream of happiest the sight of them in their stocking. So what to buy, and what to expect that is the question, as thee biggest Bleach fan you will ever met I can give you the lowdown on those Rad stocking this Christmas. They also have a couple of other stocking filler gifts (picture dome, faux fur scrunchie and hair dye), but I've just focused more on their main range to give you some inspiration. 

Bleach London Spin The Bleach Bottle Cool Colour Kit £12.00*

Okay so this not going to be for everyone, but you could always grab one of the crayon gift packs instead for anyone who just wants to try out some funky colours. If however they happen to love hair colour and dye it a different colour every time you see them (AKA me ha ha) this is the perfect gift. Finding it hard to pick what colour next, than just spin that bleach bottle and get dying. You could always use these dyes on human hair extensions to if you can't commit go for the Dip Dye look. There are six popular colours from Bleach in handy 50ml bottles, so you can easily find the colour of your dreams. 

This non-permanent hair colour fades out in 2 - 10 washes, depending on colour intensity. It's recommended for use on bleached or light blonde hair.
Sea Punk Super Cool Colour
Washed Up Mermaid Super Cool Colour
Violet Skies Super Cool Colour
Blullini Super Cool Colour
Rose Super Cool Colour
Awkward Peach Super Cool Colour
Spin the Bleach bottle game board

How to Use

Read and keep packaging instructions for reference
Wearing rubber gloves, apply to shampooed, towel dried hair, massaging in to ensure you cover all the hair evenly. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse out with lukewarm water. Do not shampoo

Bleach London Phone Case with Stickers £10.00*

As someone who changes my phone case, just as much as I change my hair colour this is beyond cute. You get their iconic Nit, and check it out it's a keyring! Possible the cutest keyring ever, and you get to jazzy up your Bleach phone case with their stickers. I think this is a great little gift set and I like that you can put the stickers on the case yourself or leave it plain. The case is soft so will fit nicely on your/their iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, plus it makes it ease clean. I'm going to hook my nit on my bag instead of my keys, as it's just too cute to hide away in my pocket. I mean who doesn't like a fluffy Nit. 

Bleach London Jelly Coin Purse £5.00*

This is my all time favourite stocking filler, like ever! As a 90s gal if it wasn't jelly it wasn't happening. How cute are the little hearts floating inside too. It's big enough to fit my cards in, folded note and some change. Of course you can't overload it, but it's actual a great idea as I could find my coins easy, rather than digging around for that pesky pound coin. I think this is a great gift to give someone as it's practical and pretty. Plus at that price you can treat yourself to one to. Of course avoid sharp objects, so place it in the zipper pocket of your bag and you can sponge clean it. 

Bleach London Scrappy Book and Disposable Camera Set £16.00*

Last but not least one for those photo addicts. Remember a time before iPhones and being able to pick your pictures, I do and I use to love throw away cameras. Have some old skool fun with friends, and get snapping to fill your doddle album with fun snaps. I think this is such a simple but cool gift, I love that you get a sticker album to got to get those Tumblr vibes going. It's a gift that you can involved in and make some memories to look back on. Getting film processed is super ease nowadays too (no having to wait a month like back when I was a teen), and you could always print photos you have from your phone to stick in there as well. Great gift to give for your bestie, sister, brother, mum, dad or cat dog or unicorn. 

Disclaimer: This post contains press samples marked with asterisk*, but views are my own. 


  1. I absolutely love bleach london! these pieces are awesome!


  2. Such cute goodies!
    I can't help but think the pattern on the gel purse looks a little like hair? :O


  3. These would make such good gifts! x


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