So? Roll 'N' Roll Body Spray

As a thirteen year old back in the 90s, it was a weekend treat to go with my friends into Superdrug and buy their cheapest foundation and a body spray. Like most teens from a working class background, perfume was always too expensive so body spray was the next best thing. I can remember having a little door full, as I also got them for Christmas and birthdays and So? was always part of that stash. The So? team asked if I would like to try some, and I guess the nostalgic part of me wanted to see if the new collections would live up to the pretty smells that filled that draw back than. I picked from the Rock 'N' Roll range as that's me to a tee. Also one called fab had to be a must as my twitter name is @Law1sfab, so it seemed a perfect choice. 

Both strong and pretty long lasting, I sprayed some of the So? Fab before an event and a couple of people asked what perfume I had on. The next day when I put the top in the wash I could still smell it, which is really good. So? Fab has a musky scent but you can smell the vanilla bean, it's a warm fragrance so I think it's perfect for winter. If you prefer a sweeter scent than So? In Love will be more for you, at first spray it's a little much but once the scent settles you start to smell the rose and sandalwood. I really like these sprays and at £1.99 (currently on offer for 0.98p at Superdrug) you can't really go wrong. There are different collections, so everyone can find their perfect scent. 


  1. I think body sprays are seriously under-rated! Deffo need to stock up again!

  2. LOVE THIS!!!!

  3. Ah this brings back to many teen memories! x


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